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Communion For Adulterers: Is The Outcome Already Decided?

German bishops unwelcome.

German bishops unwelcome.

Am I the only one who thinks the exercise of the Extraordinary Synod was started by Francis precisely with the purpose of opening a way for public adulterers to receive communion, and the preparations are now well under way? 

Let us see how the script would develop. First, the people decided to proceed to the Extraordinary Synod. Officially, in order to discuss “ways”. He leaves himself thirteen months’ time, so that the ground can be well prepared.

As always in these cases, he will not appear as the driving force of it all. Officially he is on the sides, an a “pastoral” but “concerned” way.

Meanwhile, his German demolition troops start making the lio Francis wishes so much. They make a democratic exercise of it, asking the turkey what they think of Thanksgiving. The turkeys answer they don’t like Thanksgiving at all, and think it unfair. The world press sides with the turkeys. The German, Swiss and Austrian clergy get very excited. The Pope shuts up.

Then the synod on the family begins. Of course, the issue is on the table. Francis invites Kasper – a man whose opinion on the matter are notorious, and of whom the Pope is an admirer – to give the keynote speech. Again, Francis sends the demolition troops at the front, whilst officially remaining neutral; but heavens, every retard must understand why, of all people, Kasper was the chosen one.

Punctually, Kasper enunciate the demolition programme: let us pretend the doctrine is untouchable, and let’s make as we please because of “pastoral” concerns. Francis says “thank you”.

At this point, clearly the expectation is growing, and it is obvious Francis himself is fostering this climate of “change” under the guise of “pastoral concern”.

Where do we go from there, is in my eyes rather easy to forecast: a climate of insisted and growing demand for “mercy”, as if those who are not the adulterers were the “elite”, and there was a kind of justified expectation for the sacrament of communion for all the public adulterers out there, who are so nice to the squirrels and never pluck a flower in order not to damage Creation.

When the synod starts, the passionate pleas of the German harlots in purple and red will be deafening. “Look at our clients, Holy Father! They are many, and very angry! They pay the Kirchensteuer! That’s a lot of money! Shall we not have mercy, and save the massive revenues with our “pastoral concern”? We have been sucking up to them for decades, you can’t abandon us now!”

No, they will not use these words. But yes, this is what they will mean. Because make no mistake: the issue has been brewing mostly in the countries where the Kirchensteuer is paid, and it has been brewing because the German adulterers, who are legion, think they can buy they own “vay” to the sacraments. The German prelates dutifully oblige. 

In my native language we have a word for such a behaviour: puttanaggine.   

In all this, Francis will not need to do much. He will remain on the sidelines most of the times, officially listening to the Muellers on the one side and to the Kaspers on the other side. Then he will reject the most outlandish proposals in order to appear moderate and orthodox (“ooohhhs” and “aaahhhs” of the Pollyanna Army: “what a good Pope we have! The Holy Ghost has hand-picked just the right one!”), but he will at the same time adopt formulations that leave the way free for the usual “special circumstances”, or “extraordinary cases”, or however it will be called; and obviously leaving the concrete decision to the “pastoral concern” of the men on the ground.

At that point the dams will be officially broken, and a flood of sacrilege under the guise of “pastoral concern” will ensue.  Officially, the doctrine will remain the same, but in fact it will be made a mockery of. The Pollyannas (or the outright fifth columns) the world over will praise Francis’ “courage” and “pastoral concern”.

The Germans will continue to pay the Kirchensteuer, most of them anyway, for the time being. Within months, they will present the next list of demands, and the circus will start again.

Hey, they got their way with the communion; now it is clear “ze sky is ze limit”, nicht wahr?

I would be very surprised if this were not the final outcome, one way or the other. It seems to me everything is already decided, and we are merely being served the preparatory work and obligatory fake “debate”. 

Rather than Francis, I smell  Frank Underwood here. 


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