In Praise Of Intolerance

Intolerant, because a believer: Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.

Intolerant, because a believer: Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.

“The Church is intolerant in principle because she believes, but is tolerant in practice because she loves. Enemies of the Church are tolerant in principle because they do not believe, but they are intolerant in practice because they do not love.”

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

This was written by the great Garrigou-Lagrange, who had the privilege of dying before the “great Drunkenness” took its course.

It is consoling to see that the “Inclusiveness Nazism”, or if you prefer the “Dictatorship of Relativism”, wasn’t born in the XXI century but is in the very fabric of secular thinking.

Our religious values are under attack. Not for the first time, not for the last.

We would be far more effective in the fight if we stopped behaving like sissies already, and decided to shoot from all cannons still at our disposal instead.

Pope or no Pope, Western countries are highly sophisticated democracies, very sensitive to where the wind blows.

A shift of the prevailing winds would be registered by them very fast, and would see the weathervane changing direction with great promptness. The Church is still so powerful, in all modern Western democracies – even the Netherlands, or Belgium – that if they declared war to the anti-Christian mentality and legislation most politicians would deem it suicide to openly contrast them. These people have been kowtowing to a tiny minority of perverts for decades. The thunders of the Church would have them answering to calls of “stay!” like well-trained dogs. 

If the Church officials in the West were to defy them, they would chicken out big time. But this does not mean Church officials are necessary. We, the people, can do a lot on our own. Slower, for sure, and with far less power. But we can nevertheless. 

Pope or no Pope, let us go back to being intolerant in principle. 

I have enough of reading Catholic bloggers never tired of telling us how stressful and hurtful the situation of those divorced and remarried is. They never think of the stressed of those who chose to pray the price of obedience. They never think that the first priority is the protection of God’s laws, not the sugary understanding of everything and everyone. Do you give drugs to an addict out of “compassion”? What is worse: to allow him to kill his body with drugs, or to allow him to kill his soul with sacrilege?

We believe. Therefore, let’s be intolerant in principle.


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  1. Beautiful quote; I do not know Lagrange, but will have to look him up.

    Your last paragraph was spot-on.

    • Thanks.

      G-L is one of the greatest. Through and through a Thomist, with a great gift for making complicated things intelligible.


  2. Thank you! We must be intolerant. Perhaps gradually more people will become so. Sooner or later (sooner, please God!) we will be heard. This is the importance of consistently speaking out, and I thank you for it. You have not ignored God’s gift.

    • Ah, it was rather being banned by the Homo Smoke site because the local gay mafia didn’t like me…
      Providence at work, can I say some years later…


  3. So …the Pharisees try to trip Jesus up by again giving him a false choice: speak against divorce and be accused of contradicting Moses or speak for divorce and be accused by the Pharisees’ opponents of taking their side. Jesus, as usual, took neither path and described marriage as a radical dependency on God’s plan, completely rejecting any attempt by man-made device to separate husband and wife. And the Holy Father interprets those who see in Christ’s injunction a requirement for one to live chastely after the “failure of love” in one’s marriage as being in the Pharisees’ camp???? Seriously? These were the same guys who though it was okay to remarry if your wife ruined dinner or let herself go to pot: “And the House of Hillel say, ‘Even if she spoiled the dish, since it is said, Because he has found in her indecency in anything.’ Rabbi Akiba says, ‘Even if he found someone else prettier than she, since it is said, ‘And it shall be if she find no favor in his eyes’ (Deuteronomy 24:1).”

    Excuse me… isn’t the Holy Father so “up on” Jewish tradition that he has Seders with his rabbi friends? How can he not know this?

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    Very good thoughts on the right disposition towards tolerance and where it intersects with the Catholic faith.

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