Still Waiting

Here we can see the anger of the secular press upon discovering Francis is the Pope after all...

Here we can see the anger of the secular press upon discovering Francis is the Pope after all…

Soon it will be one year since one of the worst Popes in history has been elected by Cardinals who should have asked in prayer the Holy Ghost for guidance, and preferred to listen to the world instead.

Soon it will be, also, one year of constant admonitions that the secular Press will soon turn against Francis. Because they don’t understand him yet, you see.

I am still waiting.

In these twelve months, Francis got an entire collection of covers in secular magazines, countless articles of praise and the endorsement of champions of Catholic orthodoxy like Hans Kueng and Barack Obama. Even the UN praises him for not doing that for which they horribly berate and slander the Church. 

In the meantime, even the most retarded have understood that Francis is the Pope; and that therefore there will be no women priests, official endorsement of abortion, participation of the Pope to “gay pride” parades, or sponsorship of condom producers.   

Still, the man is as popular as ever. He actually becomes more popular as even the likes of Rolling Stone grasp the lasting damage he is producing.

Therefore, I think the secular press will very probably never turn against the man.

It makes sense. When you understand that the head of the enemy fraction is your most effective weapon, you don’t start shooting at him just because he isn’t the head of your fraction. Rather, you allow him to go on with his work of destruction and enjoy the fruits of his work.

This will be a long wait.


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  1. If Kasper’s ( and Francis’ , I have no doubt ) project about ‘ divorce pastoral policy ‘ will be successful , dozens of other pastoral policies will pop up , the revolutionaries shall be emboldened in their Protestantisation of the Catholic Church.Catholicism shall only outwardly be the same , everlasting Doctrine will be changed de facto at whim. The true faithful , in a few years , has to make terribly tough decisions . What shall in the public sphere mean ‘ I am a Catholic ‘ ? A Catholic ‘ a la page’ or a member of a minority confined to exile , dungeons and catacombs , hated , despised , mocked ? I can’t imagine a priest or Bishop of the years 2050 – 2100 , if the new Popes will be Bergoglini, Kasperini , Maradiaghini ,Nicholini and so on. How many faithful shall God be able to count on earth in an hundred’s time ?

    • Exactly.
      If it is fine to live as concubines because there are so many of them, what about homosexual “couples”? Why should they be oh so cruelly “punished”? And what about those who have aborted their children? Or legally put their parents to sleep?
      It’s like throwing oneself from a cliff and thinking one will stop in mid air.

  2. So true. So very true.

  3. The good news is that we still have the 2000 year Magisterium of the Holy Church to guide us through even this apparent disaster. This is why it is so important to know exactly what nonsense the bishop of Rome is expounding at any given time, so that we won’t have it thrown at us by a Catholic basher, totally unprepared. We need to be prepared to have an answer for the Faith that we profess, no matter how difficult. That is the job of evangelization for your average Catholic, and why we need to know the Faith now more than ever.

    Thanks Mundabor.

  4. Worst pope in history? I don’t know man, he has big shoes to fill if he’s gonna top Paul VI.

    • My first candidates are Pope Liberius, Pope Honorius and Pope John XXII. I think they vastly exceed even Paul VI.
      It is consoling to know if we delve in the history of Papacy we discover this is not the first crisis, not even the first atrocious one.

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