The Popes That Are Not Coherent Are Giving Scandal

Francis obvious considered the use of this instrument something for Renaissance Princes.

Francis obviously considered the use of this instrument something for Renaissance Princes.

From one of Francis’ continuous stream of public homilies (one hopes La Stampa’s translator is better than the one of the Official Vatican News service).

“A Christian is a person who “thinks like a Christian, feels like a Christian and acts like a Christian. And this is coherency in the life of a Christian. Someone can be said to have faith, “but if one of these things is missing, he is not a Christian, there’s something wrong, there’s a certain incoherence.”

Eugenio Scalfari is a person who thinks like an Atheist, feels like an Atheist and acts like an Atheist. Well, I must admit there’s a certain coherence in that. This must be why Francis did not feel the need to say one word of disapprobation to him. 

The moral? For Francis, woe to you if you are a weak Christian. It is far better to be a coherent Atheist.

“And when there is no Christian coherency, and you live with this incoherence, you’re giving scandal. And the Christians that are not coherent are giving scandal.”

And where there is no Christian coherency, and a Pope lives with this incoherence, calling Proddies “brother bishops”, hobnobbing with Atheists to whom he promises salvation if they follow their conscience whilst berating Traditionalists and orthodox Catholics every forty-five minutes, he is giving scandal.

If you find yourself in front of – imagine! – in front of an atheist and he tells you he doesn’t believe in God, you can read him a whole library, where it says that God exists and even proving that God exists, and he will not have faith. But if in the presence of this atheist you bear coherent witness of Christian life, something will begin to work in his heart. It will be your witness that that he will bring this restlessness on which the Holy Spirit works. It’s a grace that we all, the whole Church must ask for: ‘Lord, [grant] that we might be coherent.’”

If you tell this Atheist he can be saved if he follows his conscience, he will simply not care a straw for the way you live. Particularly if this involves things like no fornication, no abortion, no divorce, and no contraception. 


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  1. What ever happened to St. Paul in Romans saying “faith comes through hearing?” What about the apostles going out and proclaiming the Gospel to all nations? And Our Lord’s command to do just that? *sigh* God bless~

  2. Coherence obviously means something else in Argentina?

  3. greatpretender51

    I am beginning to think that this theological and intellectual lightweight, Bergoglio, was put in place by a cabal of corrupt Cardinals as their stooge. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time in Church history that this happened.

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