The Vortex, The Empire, And The Bull In The China Shop.

… And no Mozzetta, either…



As Francis’ antics continue unabated, the ranks of those who cry scandal grows. This puts those under pressure from whom it can be legitimately expected that they say something about it. I am not talking of blogging priests here – I have received messages of encouragement from several priests, all saying in various ways “we cannot criticise the Pope the way you do” -, for which obvious allowances must be made; rather I refer to those media outlets run by laymen, and without a hierarchical relationship with the Pope.

Most notable among those outlets is, of course, Michael Voris’ effort. Voris has, at least up to now, embraced a policy of almost total silence concerning the elephant in the room; or rather, the bull in the China shop.

When you visit Voris’ site, you still find very interesting contributions about the careless ways some of the employee handle the china, the way the windows are kept dirty and shabby, the chaos on the shelves and the lack of proper presentation of the china itself. What you do not find, is a word about the bull which, at the same time, is destroying the china with mucho gusto, and is being praised to the sky by those who wish to see the shop razed to the ground.

Now: Voris has all the right to ignore the bull, and I believe he is sincere in his thinking that to criticise said animal might do more damage than by allowing it to keep breaking china whilst complaining about the careless employees. I do take exception, though, when this arrives to the point of criticising those who criticise the Pope; because this means simply not to understand that those who criticise the Bishop of Rome do so out of love for Christ and His Church, and see in the criticism as much of a duty as Voris sees in his silence.

For some days now a statement has been circulating, that is unduly critical of all those good Catholics who think it their duty to protect the faithful from the devastations of the Humble Bull. Someone posted it on my comment box. I did not like it one bit, and found it not Voris-like. I think it should be removed.

The thinking does not make sense. The Pope is not some kind of Demi-God. He is the successor of Peter, but every Bishop is the successor of the Apostles. If, therefore, criticism of the successor of Peter can confuse the faithful, then criticism of the successors of the Apostles should also be avoided.

Furthermore, the idea that when a Pope gives scandal the best thing to do would be to be silent in front of the scandal is utterly outlandish. It is, in fact, scandalous. A bad Pope alone gives more scandal than thirty bad Cardinals together. If scandal must be fought against, than the Pope’s scandal first. If it is better to shut up, than it is better to always shut up.

Thirdly, the strange mixture of half-admission and half-denial will not work in the long term. To say “we have seen that there is a problem, we merely refuse to deal with it” will in time anger both those who see the problem, and those who don’t. Catholicism has a way of its own of putting one in front of a choice: one can’t approve of Christ and not disapprove of Francis. Not, at least, if he isn’t a priest, whose incardination in a hierarchical system gives him, so to speak, an added public duty that can probably be legitimately exercised as long as Francis’ antics do not reach the level of formal heresy.

I do not know exactly who runs the show at Church Militant TV, and whether Voris has the last say on what goes there, and what not. But certainly, whoever takes the decisions there is responsible for what is presented as the sender’s opinion, and by being the most public voice of CMTV Voris must also accept to be identified with such statements. Again, the thing to do would be to remove the mini-manifesto at once.

I have lost interest in Church Militant TV, and for a while now have not posted or commented on any of their videos. I am sure the quality is customarily high, and I am also sure of the honesty of most of the people involved; but it goes against my grain to watch a programme dealing with some problems in some parts of the vast Empire, whilst Rome itself is burning.

Rome will not be destroyed; but Rome is burning all right. We need for more and more followed public voices to take a clear stance and say that this has to stop. As the number of the critics grows, the public opinion will be made increasingly more aware about the issues on the ground. Countless are now confused, unable to understand this madness, desperately trying to find a logic in this absurd situation, or simply disappointed in what they see as merely another political party on a popularity drive. It is time to do what we can to put pressure on the Humble Bull, and let him understand that we don’t care for his more or less blood-chilling motivations, whatever they may be. We will never be sold on this rubbish.

We side with Catholicism as God commanded.


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  1. The next thing you know, Voris will be applying for a job at ‘Catholic Answers’ 😉

  2. St. Benedict's Thistle

    Thank you for pointing out the illogic of CMTV’s stance. It does not bode well for the future of CMTV. The anger expressed in the manifesto appears to mask some type of fear.

    • It simply cannot say that the successor of peter cannot be criticised, abd the successors of Matthew, John and James can.

      Speak all right, or shut up all right.


  3. Where’s the comment? I’d like to read it.

    • Ah, it was posted as a comment in one of my former post, only a few days ago.
      A google search will certainly help.
      Or you can search this blog.
      It’s a rather long text.

  4. I do not understand Voris’s statement either. He doesn’t seem to realize when a fish rots, it rots from the head downward. The corruption and misgovernance that has happened in the church since the 60’s didn’t happen without the Popes either turning a blind eye to it or actually being a part of it. Voris’s putting the Pope above just criticism reminds me of the religious cult I was involved in years ago. You were not allowed to criticize the leader either. No matter if the man was doing things that were illegal or immoral, he was “God’s Apostle”. My days of being a starry eyed dupe for a religious con man ended in 1981. If Mike wants to play “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, he can do so. But unless he changes his policy about ignoring the rotting head, I’ll take my ten dollars a month elsewhere. BTW, I find MV’s claim ‘”we can’t replace the Pope” to be absolutely silly. How many Popes have we had since Peter? Well over 300, no? Every one of them was a replacement, right? I hate to say this, but Voris looks like he’s developing a bad case of papal idolatry.

    • 265 after Peter, if memory serves. Pius XII was Pope Nr. 260, so Francis is Number 266.

      Voris is being blind by three eyes. It’s like living a huge earthquake and complaining about the cold and the wind.

      It will never work. His audience is smarter than that. It works at Patheos, it will never work with him.


  5. Ive read the whole “manifesto” and all I can say is “wow”. Their illogical argument as to why they refuse to point out the errors of Francis can be most kindly described as idiotic. We have all known for quite a while that Voris’ refusal to ever criticize the Pope was a bit odd; for me at least, it is now way beyond the point of oddness….it is quite sinister. He has the NERVE at one point in the “manifesto”, to compare the Blessed Mother staying by Christ’s side during His Passion and Death to us Catholics standing by Francis’ side as he mocks Tradition??? I have lost all respect for CMTV and will never waste my time with them again.

    • It’s clearly a case of driving toward the wall.

      They were silent. People mailed them. They kept silent. People mailed them more. At some point they had to acknowledge Francis’ problems, but they did not have the nerve to draw the consequences from it.

      In Italy, we call this stopping in the middle of the ford. It’s just a matter of time before the stream carries one away.


  6. I thank you very much for these words. I too was mortified when I hear and read Mr. Voris’ last comments on the SSPX etc. etc. I have bounced back and forth with my opinion towards his posts. Sometimes I just want to shake him. Thanks again.

  7. ajmacdonaldjr

    Here’s a summary and the link: “No good is served by giving people the impression that the Pope is not Catholic, even if it can be alleged that there is reason to believe that he is not. “Ecclesiastical porn,” such as what is found on hard and soft sedevacantist web sites and in allegedly faithful Catholic publications such as The Remnant and Catholic Family News, discourages those struggling to remain faithful to the Catholic Church as well as those considering conversion to the Catholic Church. As noted above..” Source: ChurchMilitant.TV Will Not Engage in Public Criticism of the Pope –

  8. Voris just might ‘rethink’ his position as his subscriptions tank.

    I wonder if ‘Gloria TV’ has dropped him already.

  9. If one reads the entire document in question at CMTV, I think their position is clear and charitable. There is no derision of the other persons and publications mentioned, and CMTV takes pains to note that they are doing good and necessary work. Those publications are merely used as examples of what is being done elsewhere, and are used to explain why CMTV will not take that path. Also, the rationale for withholding open criticism of the pope, while freely criticizing bishops and priests, is stated quite clearly, I think. It appears to me that those who are engaged in nonstop public criticism of the pope are being overly defensive, and are trying to exercise their own form of censorship. Personally, I agree with CMTV’s statement, but I also read at least one post from this blog every day – but I don’t read all of the pope criticism, because it is just plain wearing. I do believe that some souls can be damaged by the nonstop negativity, however much the pope may (or may not) deserve it, and I do find some of it disrespectful, both to the person and the office of the papacy.

    • I have read it.
      Have you?

      “soft sedevacantists, such as the SSPX”. Charitable?
      “spiritual pornography.” Charitable?

      No, there is no derision. Voris isn’t the type. But there is undue condemnation, and taking scandal at those who actually point out to scandal.

      As to this blog, this blog exist – as much as I can manage to do so – so that people are strenghtened in their Catholicism.

      In these disgraceful times, it is necessary to go through the lies of Francis in order to appreciate the Truth he is subverting. There is no other way. You know darkness because you compare it with the light. It is, I agree, plain distressing. If it is for you who read just every now and then, just imagine for me who have to deal with this rubbish almost every day.

      But it must be done. If we love the Church, we must look at the problem in the face. We can’t simply say “better not, it’s wearing”. On the contrary, we must steel ourselves in the fire of true doctrine, so that we may better resist the errors and deceptions of this bunch of Modernists.

      How this can “damage a soul”, you should explain. I do not force anyone to read me. If it’s too much for you, stop reading, but don’t shoot the messenger.

      The office of the papacy is helped by pointing out to the dignity the papacy should have, and the person of the Pope should be make a clown every time he makes a clown of himself, lest the sheep may be led astray by the blindness of their shepherds.

      And by the way: if Francis did not regale us with a nonstop barrage of astonishing nonsense, this blog would not have “non stop negativity”. As it is, the man breaks at such speed that one can barely write about anything else.


  10. Thank you for posting about this Mundy:+) CMTV/Michael Voris was the most courageous man I had ever witnessed…I am one of his premium subscribers…have been for years:+) He was sanity and strength against the insanity and evil of the bishops, priests, Catholic leadership in the world. Yet I always wondered why he never spoke of the Pope…I think the Holy Spirit gave him a few years break with PBXVI. It was when I found Louie Verrechio’s site and learned about the truth of Vatican II that it finally clicked and I understood why I never could get excited about JPII etc. If you are going to proclaim the truth it must be the WHOLE truth…Vatican II, modernism, sodomy, the popes and hierarchy. I agree with your entire post…esp the part where you are committing scandal by being silent when another commits it. And also agree that the “manifesto” is wacky and illogical. So it’s ok to eviscerate the Princes of the Church but not the Vicar? Ok to slay demons but not their head? I assumed Michael knew something I didn’t. But then his use of JPII in his new “Moral compass” series made me cringe…JPII sat atop worldwide apostasy, heresy, sodomy, abuse and destruction and barely lifted a finger. And his guests recently have all been Neo-Cath’s that are clueless. But in all this, I agree with Louie V.’s take…that this is the work of someone who is taking advantage of MV in some way. Also, Louie points out that maybe MV just isn’t “there” yet…with Louie citing his own acceptance of the V2 Church a mere few years ago. MV is utterly sincere. Let us pray he sees the light and has the courage to walk in it:+) And I don’t see speaking the truth in charity as a dangerous thing to souls…for only truth sets us free. If someone believes in Christ b/c of a fallible human Pope, they don’t have true faith…for faith is an assent to truth, regardless of the messed up men who are charged to proclaim it. Let’s take this situation as an object lesson to learn about Modernism, what a modernist looks like, forgiving and loving our enemies, and learning the true faith. Sorry for the long post:+(

    • I agree he is sincere, and very honest.
      But I still think he is driving to the wall.
      Traditionalist Catholics aren’t simpletons like the Pollyanna crowds.
      Sooner or later they are going to abandon him. The position is simply untenable.


  11. Saw CM manifesto regarding Francis sometime last week. I had been writing to them, complaining about their lack of courage for weeks, and had just about decided to drop my monthly pledge to them because it looked to me as if some of the smoke of satan that Pope Paul complained of had also entered the portals of Church Militant.

    After reading the manifesto I take some time to evaluate my thinking. I DO see that they are concerned that many who might learn from them would reject CM thinking they were to harsh. I get what they are saying BUT what they seem to not understand is the profound damage being done to those very catholics they seek to guide.

    I have two examples.
    One local NO parish deacon had a very rude awakening during the pre Canna classes he and his wife teach. This year, unlike ANY previous year, he was virtually shouted down by the engaged couples regarding same sex marriage and birth control, pre marital sex and cohabiting. The arguement was that Francis was going to change ‘all that’ and …… ‘WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE’. Word is, that this good man, and he is a good man, left the class with tears in his eyes.

    The second example took place in the other parish during a RCIA class. The subjects were the same, the church teachings on homosexuality, pre marital sex and co habitation, and this entire class revolted against the teacher citing yet AGAIN Francis as the guy who is going to change all that old fashioned stuff because ….WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE. The real tragedy is that these people will be allowed to come into the church bringing their errors with them to further protestantize the Concilliar Catholic Church.

    I will be sending these two examples on to CM along with the notice that I will be stopping my monthly donation.

    Mundabor you sum up the situation clearly and I am so grateful to have found your blog.

    You might all appreciate this short video regsrding this issue

    • Many thanks.

      The deacon will have to man up or give up. I am afraid other will take his place, people after Bergoglio’s liking.

      Lio in action.

      I’ll look at the video today or tomorrow. Very tired now.


  12. Agree that Voris is going to hit the wall…Trads are the farthest things from simpletons…that’s what happens when you engage your intellect, will and the gifts of the HS. MV has always been logical…one of things I loved most about him. Pray he wakes up soon:+) God bless~

  13. While all were awaiting the most recent conclave, Michael Voris announced that Cardinal Burke said not to worry because all of the voting cardinals had been made cardinals by either Pope John Paul ii or Pope Benedict xvi. It is amazing that Cardinal Burke could utter such a statement and even more amazing that Michael Voris could repeat it. Cardinal Peter Turkson also said any of the cardinals could be elected and all were qualified to lead the Church. One wonders if the Popes and some cardinals themselves are either misinformed or not informed about the what the other cardinals are doing and saying regarding Church teaching and governance. Was not demonstrating this point the motivation behind Vatileaks?

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