Uganda: Gaystapo In The West.

US Secretary of State Kerry is so stupid that he compares the recent Ugandan measures against sexual perversions to Nazi Germany.

Some facts for Mr Kerry:

1. There was only one Country in Europe or North America that allowed Abortion in the Thirties. It was Nazi Germany. Abortion in its most extreme forms is a flag of the Obama Administration.

2. Sodomy laws were in place all over the West until a few decades ago. Including all the Western countries that defeated Nazism.

Who is the Nazi, then?

On another note, and as you read in the same article, the World Bank has frozen aid money for Uganda after the adoption of the law. Unfortunately for them with no results, at least for now. But make no mistake, the bullying will continue.

Leading the charge are countries like Norway, Danemark and the Netherlands; all of them heavy sponsors of sexual perversion, or euthanasia, or both.

Let us pray countries like Uganda – last time I look, a success story for African standards in the last decades – find the economic and spiritual strength to go on without the bribes of an increasingly nazified West.



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  1. Another huge Catholic scandal .Former altar boy (!!) , typical Supercafeteria-c’tholic , flagship of Obama’s administration along with the likes of Pelosi , Sebelius and Hillary Clinton . Of course , for our times , happily divorced , but never denied the Holy Communion ( a human right , it seems ) always taken in a goofy way in the hand. This ‘ successes ‘ guaranteed him 27 victories in 30 elections.(this speaks volumes about the average USA ‘democratic’ voter).
    Until when will Our Lord tolerate this ? When will a good , sane of mind Ugandan politician come to rule and fix the European and American morally depraved politics ?

    • Ah, in some country there might not even be legal separation, so divorce is the legal surrogate. Divorce alone does not exclude from communion. In others, like Italy, the way of the separation is open, and must be chosen.

      I hope in the US divorced an dremarried people are customarily denied communion. Can’t say I am sure, though.


  2. I would love to find a way to contribute, even a little, to Uganda, just to show solidarity, and to show that not everyone agrees with the Western ‘standards’, or lack thereof.

    • You can contribute to places like “Aid to the Church in need”, and mail them asking whether you can contribute for priests in a specific Country.
      If not (I think not, but who knows) then you could contribute to them anyway and pray the Lord for Uganda, asking him to let money go there. I’d say it is rather the same.


  3. And now today this regarding “Civil Unions”

    In one week, the Evangelicals lead by Kenneth Copeland declare “We are now all catholics” thanks to the Pope’s outreach by iPhone to “Fellow Bishop” Tony Palmer, and Lutherans can now declare “The Protest is Over”….Wow!

    • Astonishing.
      Mind, these seem to be man-woman civil unions, an issue much discussed in Italy of late.
      But still astonishing.
      One must make a great effort to not say what he thinks of this man.

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