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Incidents At The Frontier

Make no mistake: he is invading Poland.

Every time some prelate does something scandalous, there is no shortage of supposed background scenarios. The FFI isn't being trampled on because they are orthodox, it's because there are “internal divisions” (no one knows exactly in which form) and there is an enquiry concerning “possible abuses” (no one knows which; must be terrible things, anyway…).

The same is happening now with the Fisher More College: there are other things in the background; the college is drifting on a conservative course; the priest wasn't authorised; the priest might have been SSPX, or perhaps not; crypto-lefebvrianism was ripe; perhaps Sedevacantism, too; one doesn't really know; I mean, what do we know…

Let us look at the facts instead. The facts are that Bishop Olson has not written to the College a letter of pastoral direction; warning them, say, from the new sin of “excessive doctrinal security”. No, he has written to them saying, in so many words, “I order you to stop the TLM, for the good of your own soul; but you can celebrate the NO instead, because there's no danger for your soul in that”. The letter was read to those affected, and then (oportet ut scandala eveniant) leaked. These are the facts.

There can always be “something else”. There is always “something else” happening in pretty much everything. But it is astonishing that wherever a prelate is to be justified, utterly irrelevant circumstances of facts become the reason why something wrong was made.

Facts are facts. Hitler invaded Poland because he wanted to invade Poland. “There were incidents at the frontier” is a perfectly irrelevant explanation for the invasion, whether the incidents were – hypothetically – there, or not.

Open your eyes. The facts are there, for everyone to see.




Ash Wednesday And The Rosary Crusade


The beginning of Lent is a beautiful day to start praying the Rosary.

The SSPX is running a wonderful Rosary Crusade.

All details on my blog post and the original link.


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