Cameron Loses Billionaire Donor Over So-Called “Same-Sax Marriage”.

Conservative fags.  Let them dissolve in smoke.

Conservative fags.
Let them dissolve in smoke.



Aaaahhhh, this is good for the heart.

The European Elections are coming. An excellent way to send a message.

My vote goes to the UKIP. Not that they are exempt from faggotry infiltrations, but it’s better to let them know what pays electorally and what not, and at the same time show the Tories where the votes go when they behave like Eltons.

And punish that faggot.

Punish that faggot.


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  1. As far as I know – from afar in many senses – UKIP is very much unclear about immigration policy and Islam . I sometimes follow the site of Liberty GB – they seem to me more ‘regular’
    guys , are very much concerned about G.B.’s and Europe’s destinies, and they consider Christianity important (at least culturally). No propaganda intended , by the way I cannot judge how realistic are their possibilities to be elected. Just saying…..feel free to cancel these lines if you wish,of course !

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