Maria Miller Goes To Hell

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Woof, woof!

Like many slow people, Maria Miller must think herself inordinately smart. The so-called same sex “marriage” legislation, now undergoing the final stages of a pretty undisturbed legislative procedure, will be hailed as a great victory, and a measure possibly fitting to catapult her to the real positions of power, instead of simply being the token woman of a token ministry.

I do not know, and I do not care to know, whether the female professes to believe in God. Her actions speak very loudly, and surely show that she doesn’t. She must think – whatever she will say in public – that there is no God and when she’s gone, she’s gone, no fear of hell coming in the way of her self-sale. Alternatively, – and only if she is vastly thicker than expected – she might be one of those very deluded beings who think that there…

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  1. These politicians are being captured by an ideology which is a kind of gulag-style system of
    enslavement/inprisonment to their minds , often all life long. There’s no more any ‘ pastoral ‘ relationship with the peoples they rule . However , their mass atheism , by now all over Europe and America, is incomprehensible to me.One famous writer once told :’ Faith is a mystery , but lack of faith is a mystery too ‘ ( although Kafka was of a different opinion ).Could it be true , that some of them sold their soul to the devil ? Are thirty dinars , in essence , still thirty dinars nowadays ?

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