Aseptic, not Ascetic

Another translation blunder, this time on Vatican Insider.

Francis is talking of asettico, not ascetico.

This is a common expressions in Italian to say “with no obvious faults, but no real substance and merit”.

The translation of Vatican Insider states “ascetic” priests “do not help the Church”, making a mess of things.

Interestingly enough, my self-correction software makes the same mistake, transforming “aseptic” into “ascetic”.

These damn self-correction thingies will start wars one day. I can't even switch off mine. It's really a nuisance.

Every translator knows the difference between the two words. This is a glitch helped by the self-correction software, methinks. I am sure it will be corrected soon.

By the by, the article is disquieting in other ways. But this is for a separate post.


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  1. That same (1917, I am assuming) Catholic encyclopedia also categorically states that the
    Great Deluge was a “local flood”, thus rejecting out-of-hand 2000 years of Catholic Tradition (not to mention Our Lord’s very words on that subject).

    • This does not prove anything, though.
      It’s an encyclopedia. Several authors worked on it.
      If anyone wants to state that they are wrong in the matter of canonisations, one should say why using arguments taken from Tradition, and which make sense. As you do with the argument – that I have not verified – of the “local flood”.


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