The Age Of Aquarius

Rumours the young Jorge Bergoglio had been an extra in the cinema production were promptly denied by Father Lombardi.

Rumours the young Jorge Bergoglio was an extra in the cinema production were promptly denied by Father Lombardi.

The recent utterances of Francis The Destroyer are, if you ask me, potentially far more dangerous than the translation blunder about the “ascetic” priests. And this time, it cannot be a problem of translation.

There is in Francis’ observation an insisted reference to a “new time”, the “time of mercy”. The man truly thinks that times go on in blocks. We had the time of, say, justice, where the church cared about the rules. Now we are in the time of mercy; a time which will obviously require new rules and a new attitude, otherwise it would not make any sense to say that we are in a “new time” anyway.

This is first class, quality-certified, prize-winning New Age bollocks. And it profoundly undermines and seeks to destroy – like all talk of “new times” – Christianity.

If we live in new times of mercy, we must deduct that we are stuck with the Jesus of the old times. If we live in a new time, there’s no way of saying what should be preserved – and what, necessarily, discarded – of the rules given to us in, and for, the “old times”.

I have never seen anyone talking of “new times” without linking to it the aspiration to, or the demand of, profound changes. It is not clear to me why Francis, of all people, should not entertain such ideas.

And this is exactly what he is doing. As more and more Catholics understand this Pope is genuinely subversive, he must gradually explain to them why this is so. Enter the “new time”, conveniently used every time the doctrine flies out of the window. And notice that he tries to hide behind his finger and say that the “new age” actually started with JP II; an alleged fact the planet never noticed, and of which it must now be informed by Francis.

Now don’t get me wrong: it is always easy to pick one word here and one phrase there of some past Pope and say “look, he said it already!” Protestants do it all the time with the Bible! But as always, you must understand what the agenda behind the words is, and there can be no doubt Francis’ agenda is to pump V II with “mercy” steroids like it’s a Russian athlete in the Eighties, until Justice is all but invisible, and Goodness made a mockery of.  

I can hear the Pollyannas already, getting all excited about the “new papacy” for the “new times”.

At “Patheos” they will be screaming like little girlies.

I might be wrong, but I think this “mercy” thing – including hostage-taking of soon-to-be-canonised JP II – will be used to justify an awful lot of heresies in the years to come. 

The “new time” is coming. Fasten your seat belts, and pray the Lords he gives us back the old times soon.


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  1. He’s using the wrecking ball of “pastoralism” to smash the truth to smithereens at every opportunity.

    Can you feel the humility?

  2. Got to wonder how any sect with 2 pew-sitters can be a financial viable concern?

  3. i agree with you !francis is a sixties hippie tango mass throw back with the new age thinking that went with it.let us hope and pray that somebody in the vatican stops the rot and quickly.god help us all. god bless .philip johnson.

  4. Have you noticed that many of the Polyanna little girlies are actually fag hags for the gay clergy but do not know it.

  5. This is why I am always extremely weary of this kind of “new books of revelations”. It is very easy for people to think there is a new Gospel, whenever they get to the conclusion God said to St Kowalska something different than to St Thomas Aquinas.

    Never been a fan of the Divine Mercy, too.

    To me, Sunday after Easter is dominica in albis.


  6. ladyofquality

    A fag hag is a woman who almost exclusively hangs out with gay men/ has lots of gay men for close friends. They’re funny, and like to go shopping and talk about shoes! And don’t hit on one. Those are my guesses, anyway.

  7. Pope John Paul ii put Divine Mercy Sunday in place and canonized Sr. Faustina but he also wrote Veritatis Splendor( ) about the correct fromation of conscience, so I do not think JP ii found any contradiction in Sr. Faustina’s work and the Church’s constant teaching on sin and the need for repentance.

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