Francis: Outside Of “The Community” There Is No Salvation.

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So: what does this nonsense mean? One of three, I would say:

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  1. He is a phantasmagoric New-Age nightmare!

  2. Only he lives!

  3. Somewhere, on Louie Verrecchio’s blog it was, I believe, someone wrote that the thought of Francis weighs daily on the psyche. It’s true. There is a constant feeling of foreboding. I pray for the man, but feel he is spreading just the opposite of what he means to be spreading. Darkness seems to be covering the earth.

    • Oh, I have the same. I am sure many others do.
      Since March last year, you wake up in the morning and do not know what will be next.


  4. Caro Mundabor,
    consentimi per favore di scrivere una riga nella nostra lingua natia per informarti che Mario Palmaro ,fine scrittore cattolico, tradizionalista, e’ tornato alla Casa del Signore,dopo lunga malattia.Riposi in pace.Ricordiamolo nelle nostre preghiere. Amen.

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