An Easy Job For Stupid Times.

Yes, it's a creepy Papacy.

As the anniversary of the Great Mistake approaches, I reflect on how easy it is to have the job of the Pope. Not in the sense that the job – properly made – be easy in itself, of course; rather in the sense that it comes which such an immense amount of goodwill – ready to translate into blindness – that the only way for a Pope to be unpopular or despised would be to seriously talk like a Pope should.

I could, for the anniversary of the election of a Pope who doesn't like to be called such, make a post with his blunders, heresies, offences to elementary Catholicism and common sense. I decided not too, because it simply does not make sense, such is the sheer vastness of the material. The best thing you can do is to search this blog and scroll down the results. If you were a person who got into a coma one year ago and goes out of it today, just reading about this man might be enough to send you into a coma again.

I have for some time now had very dark forebodings, that in the months and years to come our Catholicism is going to be tested as we would have thought inconceivable only one year ago. A work of destruction has begun that will probably be remembered in the centuries – after things have come to an end and the Lord has restored the Church to sanity. Still, how long this destruction and subversion is going to go on is not to be seen. Francis' appointments of Cardinals and Bishops are going to be – they already are – predictably bad, and the prostitute instinct of many of our bishops and aspiring such is already showing his poisoned fruits.

There is no saying what kind of betrayal we are going to experience in the years to come, as Francis' willing prostitutes jump on the Francis' bandwagon and start “not judging”, or even celebrating, everything from public adultery to sexual perversion.

Already the Archbishop of Lucca says we must “open up to diversity”. Fifteen years ago he would have been considered a nutcase by every Christian, and a possible homosexual by any sane person. This is a successor of the Apostles. For shame. He would like to be a Cardinal, surely. Unless he is a homo himself, obviously, in which case he is simply trying to make life easier for himself.

Ricca managed it wonderfully. It's about having the right friends, you see.

All this happens because our scandalous Pope encourages his people to do and say even more scandalous things than he does himself. But all this happens because most people – even among the thinking ones – decide to swallow whole the load of scandalous gestures and declarations Francis has bombarded us with in the last year.

Easy job being a Pope nowadays.

If a Pope of more Christian times had dared to repeatedly declare that atheists can die in their atheism and be saved, the call for an extraordinary Council declaring him a heretic unless he recants or says this is not what he means – which condemnation as heretic, by the way, would have possibly meant death at the stake – would have been very loud.

Nowadays, his own Archbishops and Cardinals want to overcome him in heresy. Cardinal Dolan is one who says “Bravo” to unrepentant sodomites. That's another one. A Cardinal for the time of Francis the Humble. Bravo, Cardinal Dolan! You might be Pope one day!

It's an easy job being a Pope today. Talk, behave, and even dress yourself like a clown and you will be just fine. Follow the world in all his errors, and millions will – oh, miracle! – “follow” you on Twitter, no less. Avoid saying anything at all uncomfortable when the world is listening, and a weekly magazine will be launched, devoted exclusively to you. Heavens, it will become a complete collection of papal heresies in print. Don't delay, subscribe today.

It's easy being a Pope today. Please everyone but Christ, do everything but your duty.

You will do just fine.



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  1. “I have for some time now had very dark forebodings, that in the months and years to come our Catholicism is going to be tested as we would have thought inconceivable only one year ago.”

    This October’s Synod on the Family is going to set the benchmark, I fear.

  2. I don’t understand the case of Ricca. His sins were so awful, so egregious, and he was not punished in any meaningful sense of the word, yet he is promoted? Please explain.

    • Friend of Francis.
      Also, friend of the friends.
      As the one who runs three hotels, one who can arrange for certain type of people to meet certain type of people very easily. Say, adjacent bedrooms, perhaps with internal door.
      Officially – that is, if you are three, or believe to Francis – one who has repented and seeks the lord, so who is he to judge? Let’s give him a bank to preside to, instead of defrocking him.

  3. Dear Mundabor… I agree that this..Francis has spoken much too often and with disasterous results. I DO wish there was a list of his heresys with a corresponding link to the correct teaching from the Church/magesterium/ catechism/doctrines. A simple list with no commentary to pass on to the blinded NO especially. I wish I had the talent/education/ability to do something like that myself.
    Anyone who has been keeping a list like this out there? Or anyone with the ability to do this work please post a link. It could save a soul or 1000’s of souls.

    • When you find the Pope criticised, you generally find the teaching that he has misrepresented or denied. Catechisms are excellent materials to have a succinct explanation of the faith. I suggest to avoid the JP II one and go for the Baltimore catechisms. A Penny catechism will put you in front of Francis and Dolan already.

  4. The quickest way to change Catholic doctrine is to stop teaching it. That is exactly what has happened over the last 50 years, sadly.

    • I get your point, but one can’t obviously change the unchangeable, in a sense. But one can disfigure it, make a mockery of it, or teach a false doctrine instead of the true one.

      I say this just in case the impression is not engendered doctrine in itself can be changed from right to wrong.

      The Truths of the church are objective realities. They do not change more than God could.


  5. In the last year I tried to remain realistic and a little bit optimistic , with the ‘ hope that goes beyond any hope ‘ (maybe not very Catholic words, I know…), but by now I’m convinced God will permit a (THE?) Tribulation pretty soon. The nuns Alacocque and Emmerich ,visionaries of La Salette,Fatima,Akita, Garabandal, then Don Bosco , Pope Leo XIII and many others received a warning.Last decades’ Popes , Cardinals,Bishops seemingly don’t give a damn even of the four sins which cry out for vengeance in the sight of God.In Italy , doctors tell that very many 60 years old workers and employees are physically wrecks. Churchmen and politicians (just a coincidence ) are often in good shape when they’re 85,90, 92y.o., but they seemingly -at least not few of them-are incapable to mature, to show themselves as real men,to think that they too have public responsibilities and that one day they’ll have to give more many answers than we do . The photo of Msgr. Ricca shows the face of a man who hasn’t yet ‘dato la maturita” . I’m thinking that after the seminary they all should work five or ten years in a mineshaft. Not as ‘ preti operai’ , of course.

  6. One of the great problems that will arise will be that the faithful priests who will want to ignore new and illicit ‘pastoral approaches’ to the laws of the Church will be forced into complying with the ‘new way’ of interpreting them.

    • I keep hearing many homilies containing points in clear contrast to Francis’ nuMercy approach; but certainly the weaker the priest, the greater the pressure.


  7. Dear Mundabor, today a group of curas villeros (slum priests) “blessed” the recently built shacks in an illegaly occupied area of Buenos Aires, now a new Villa miseria (argentine version of a favela) the most striking of this is that the slum is now called “villa papa Francisco” bravo Bergoglio now you have a favela! the priests were very happy about this,

    you can read about the story of the occupation in english here:

    and in spanish here they talk about the slum new name:

    • It reminds me of “occupy”.
      Apparently at night most of them go home… 😉 .
      That’s a strange country you live in.
      In Italy we did not have this, not even in the darkest years of worst Communist influence in 1976-1979.


  8. You mean pasta e fagioli?

    Ah, there are more insidious things: spaghetti al pomodoro, for example.. 😉


  9. Mundabor, this week the “Noticias” magazine, one of the most influyent political magazines here has Bergoglio on the cover and it says “the metamophrosis of Francis”

    the long article is so far the most critical essay on Bergoglio as pope that has been published in mainstream media here, and yet I find it lukewarm it shows what I told you before, people here are getting angry with him and slowly this anger is surfarcing in the media, the magazine says how bergoglio went from grumpy old man to cuddly grandpa in one year and quotes several unamed priests who do not like him saying he’s now shamelessly playing a character…I think it’s a matter of time untill the his most rotten trash will be undug and exposed.

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