No Sense Of Shame: Brothel Without Boobs

He is watching Dolan even as you read this.

Read on Rorate about the latest antics of Cardinal Dolan (already mentioned on this blog). The key passage is this:

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York praised University of Missouri football star Michael Sam for coming out as gay, saying he would not judge the athlete for his sexual orientation. “Good for him,” Dolan said in an interview with NBC's “Meet the Press” airing Sunday.

“I would have no sense of judgment on him,” Dolan continued.

Note the following:

1. Dolan mentions, as Satan himself would do, the Bible. His Christianity is the hearsay version, “do not judge”. Dalai Lama style. Francis-cum-Nelson Mandela. Woodstock galore.

2. the Cardinal obviously quotes Francis. Michael Voris will criticise Dolan, but not Francis. Mysteries of TV production.

3. He (Dolan) puts on the same plane faithful spouses and clearly sodomite – at least implicitly – athletes. “Bravo”, he says to both.

You see? The ones follow the Bible by being chaste spouses, the others follows the Bible by inserting their accessory into the dirtiest hole (and probably, not the only hole) of another man (and probably, many men). Both of them – the chaste couple and the sodomites – are, says the Cardinal, deserving of praise.

No sense of judgment. Bravo.

Now: if the athlete had said “I am afflicted by a homosexual attraction, but I believe all that the Church believes and will therefore avoid the sin of sodomy and pray the Lord that he may give me the grace to overcome this affliction”, the Cardinal would still have been wrong, because homosexuality is a sexual perversion and something about which one does not go about giving scandal. Would the Cardinal say the following words about a person who had outed himself as a pedophile?

“God bless ya. I don't think, look, the same Bible that tells us, that teaches us well about the virtues of chastity and the virtue of fidelity and marriage also tells us not to judge people. So I would say, 'Bravo.'”

Thought not.

But it is actually far worse than that. Dolan's satanical words are clearly an endorsement for the homosexual lifestyle, proclaimed and lived in scandal. This is a Prince of the Church. What times we live in.

It seems to me here that the Francis effect is making all his devastating effects heard. Cardinal Dolan would very probably never have dared to say anything similar to this, had Benedict been still in power. But now that a new wind is blowing, our over-nourished weathervane promptly changes direction, and plauds sexual perversion in the spirit – not the actual words; but the spirit, yes – of what Francis says.

And so the game goes on. Francis starts the mess and clearly indicates, without going all the way, where he wants to lead the Church. His colonels promptly take the hint, and deliver. Lio ensues.

In the nuChurch of Francis that oh so sharply condemns careerism, they are all aligning to follow the new party line, knowing the man will reward a certain type of prelate. They know the Peron in Rome will appoint others like him to bishops, archbishops and cardinals. Dolan obviously has one aim in mind: to be the new Humble One. I doubt he will encourage the practice of fasting, though.

When I think of the Vatican hierarchy of today, “Brothel without boobs” is what comes more frequently to my mind. No, it's not a strong image. I'd prefer the chances of salvation of any prostitute than those of Cardinals like this one.


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  1. This situation will affect terribly all the authentic vocations of the very few boys and girls who are 100 % Catholic , for the next 20 or 30 years at least . How could two parents rejoice over their childrens’ choice of the seminary , when they look at the situation of the Church where the most horthodox and courageous Churchmen are openly persecuted and silenced because they are true Catholics , not even talking about the World’s hatred ,including the not so far Tribulation it will cause ? Jesus Christ’s mercy towards today’s Princes of the Church will be either literally boundless (provided they repent , and I’m not so sure) or ,if He’ll choose Justice over Mercy, I can’t imagine how their eternity will be. I ask myself how Our Lord will assess the sin of omission. The Abbondini….abound , among laymen as well , like never before. Which advise should I give to a son ready for the Seminary ? To go directly to SSPX,hoping for a future reunification ? Or the contrary , if a true Catholic life in the Church is
    impossible ? In conscience , what’s the best choice ? To try to live like Father Michael Rodríguez ,suffering and bleeding ? Life is a cross , but why must a young man live on the Cross from day one ,ironically inside the Church he loves ? How many new F.F.Is have we lost just in a few months ? All this seems diabolical . I feel at times very confused , and I fear to be another Don Abbondio ,with his lack of courage.

    • If I were a young man with a vocation, I have no doubt in my mind I would ask to be admitted to a SSPX seminary.
      One becomes a priest to save souls, it’s not that one should pick the place where he will be more easily persecuted for trying to be a good priest, by his own people.
      If this were so, there would be great heroism in asking to be admitted to the Jesuits.

  2. What are your thoughts on the FSSP? What is a Catholic to do if there is only the new mass available? Perhaps you could give your thoughts on the Resistance as well. Forgive all the questions. You strike me as a good fellow and I would appreciate your responses.


    • If you refer to the Visitation, I am not worried in the least. In general, I consider the FSSP the copy in bad hand of the SSPX. They are the result of then Cardinal Ratzinger’s attempt to split them after the bishops’ ordinations.
      They are certainly very orthodox and excellent Catholic priests, but I am fully persuaded if the SSPX had imploded because of them there would be no Traditional Mass anywhere now.
      Therefore, I can never avoid thinking the FSSP original founders were people who thought more of themselves – leaving the SSPX – than of the good of the Church, reaping the fruits of work for which others carry the blame.
      The FSSP priest should thank God every morning that the SSPX exists.
      Having said that, they are certainly among the best that can be found today.
      You see how much I like the SSPX. The more Francis goes on devastating, the more I like them.

    • Thanks for replying. I agree with everything you said. Kind of funny, but I knew you would say those things. Guess I needed some affirmation. Keep up the good work. Your blog is truly enjoyable and noble.

    • Grazie, Signor Napoli!


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