Mario Palmaro’s Last Essay

Great to the end: Mario Palmaro.

In case you can keep your eyes dry – which won't be easy; but not strictly necessary, either – the Eponymous Flower has a translation of Mario Palmaro's last essay.

A few days before dying, this excellent man of God was still fighting for the Truth and the Church he loves. Grace in action to the end, I would call it without sounding like the sin of presumption.

The lucidity of this dying young man is a very Christian contrast to the confusion of healthy old men, like Bishop Francis and Cardinal Kasper, whose outer life hides a spiritual disease, and very possibly spiritual death.

You read Palmaro's essay and you see in all its brutality the contrast between a Church based on supernatural Truths, and the concept of Church as a vehicle for the satisfaction of human paying clients all too evident in Kaspar's thinking, and in Francis' very obvious endorsement of it.

Palmaro went to his Maker with his eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. Kaspar and Francis walk – for what we can see from their behaviour, and bar an always welcome repentance – towards hell with their gaze firmly set on this world, their popularity, and the social and sexual desires of their clients.

Pray for Mario Palmaro if you can, and for his loved ones. Do not indulge in easy V II automatic canonisation thinking. If he is in heaven – which I wish him with all my heart – your prayers will not go to waste anyway. If he isn't, you will help a great soul shorten his Purgatory.

I wish I could die with his chances of heaven, anyway. I doubt it will happen.



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  1. The Italian original is not to be found anywhere online.

  2. Sorry , but this last article by Gnocchi and Palmaro is readable in the original Italian on the site . Rorate Coeli couldn’t find it because it dates back to 5-th March, and it doesn’t appear on the first page. Please go to ‘ home’ , then click twice on ‘ articoli precedenti’ ( that is , two pages ). It’s under the title ‘ Una Chiesa che puo’ piacere al mondo , ma che non gli fa alcun bene ‘ .I hope this can be useful to Mundabor and all other Italian speakers. God bless you all , Rorate Coeli and Mundabor . If you can , please write two lines about the collection organized by Fede e Cultura’s Giovanni Zenone for Palmaro’s family (wife-an housewife- and their three sons and one daughter, five to ten years old at first glance ). They are in a difficult situation. I think Mario was an extremely generous and noble heart , who helped many people – and the poor are very many even in a city like Monza, not far from Milan.

  3. A loyal son of the Church. RIP

  4. the Italian version can be found on Il Foglio, which published it, and on various catholic forums, such as Chiesa e postconcilio.
    I take the opportunity to let you know that Fede e cultura, an editorial firm founded and directed by palmaro, has launched a Trustee for helping the wife and the four children of the late author. On the site people can find and buy books by Palmaro. For those who read Italian, I don’ t know if there are English translation.

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