Pope Chamberlain The First: A “Judgemental” Blog Post.

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Clearly, Neville Chamberlain has a new admirer.

And so we are, the day after, reflecting on the latest antics of a man who is frankly surpassing every limit of Catholic decency.

Before we examine in detail some of what has emerged, I would like to make some preliminary consideration.

1) Do yourself a favour, and read (or re-read) first what Pius VI had to say about heretics – and those who would like to become such – in Auctorem Fidei. Know how heretics – both formal and material – think, and learn to detect the heresy even when sprinkled with affirmations of orthodoxy. This is vital, because no heretic or “revolutionary” Catholic – much less a Pope – would ever dare to be unceasingly intent on his work of demolition, without feeding his unknowing pigeons with some convenient orthodox bird food whenever necessary to keep them well-fed and reasonably…

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  1. Bottom line: is Pope Praxis a poof?

    The photo of the queer in charge of his hotel stroking his face and leering at him makes my stomach feel as if I had eaten a dodgy kebab.

    • I don’t think he is a poof.
      I’d rather say he has no qualms in mixing with them.
      Which shows a rather disturbing mentality anyway.


  2. Great post, Mundabor. The bit I liked most, which seems so obvious to me, was the bit about living on the frontier. Surely we live in a dirty world, and surely Christ lifts us out of that. Surely the whole point in living on the frontier is to bring Christ to those people? The nurse in the story increased the medicine….she didn’t get into bed with the sick person. Surely the medicine should be the teachings of the Church???

    This Dolan business says it all, really. What else is he doing than trying to please the boss? Bunch of careerists.

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