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"To the Fuehrer Our Faithfulness" “To the Fuehrer Our Faithfulness”. Really?

One day, in God’s good time, the present phase of stupidity and drunkenness within the Church will be overcome. We might have to wait centuries for this, but we know that the Indefectible Church always recovers. If you believe in the Blessed Virgin of Quito, though, you know that things have to first come to the point where everything seems lost. One can’t say Francis isn’t working with great alacrity so that this moment approaches as soon as possible.

Still: one day this madness and drunkenness will be gone, and those distant generations of Catholics will learn in the history books of that dark past, when Popes declared in public that atheists can be saved, dared to put “perhaps” hateful words in the mouth of Blessed Virgin; had forgotten the Fear of the Lord to the point of stating more than a slap on…

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