Bishop Nice


The bishop hated the pro-lifers’ noise outside of the pub.

“screaming at one another is not acceptable from people who are pro-life”.

Yes, we live in such stupid times that a bishop chides people who try to have babies not murdered for “screaming” at their opponents concerning abortion.

Oh, these pro-life activists. Such uneducated people. Their screaming disturbs the bishop’s postprandial nap, or afternoon pint with his buddies.


If you think this is a joke, it isn’t.

I received from reader Phlogiston1667 this link, and the daft smile the bishop puts in front of the camera speaks volume about the usual V II article we have in front of us here: one who is very good at smiling at the world, and at bullying Catholics. 

Another typical trait of the V II tools is that, with the excuse of “having to find ways of speaking the truth in love”, they are very happy with not speaking the truth at all.

And in fact, it is evident to anyone with a brain that if you speak the truth in any meaningful way, someone will call you uncharitable. A bishop might even tell you you are “screaming”, which is obviously a no-no in polite society.

This time, the former auxiliary bishop makes clear he will not allow Catholicism to disturb his quiet once he is in charge of a diocese. Hey, this is an appointment of the Age of Francis. What else do you expect.  

Sorry, my dear baby. You will have to die.

We like it quiet here.


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  1. Dio mi perdoni, but after reading the Indipendent, I’ ve immediately thought:”this is not a male man ” (” femminiello”, perhaps?)

    • What shall I say.
      I also thought the mention of him being “comfortable with women” was a bit off.
      Every man is supposed to be comfortable with women, is he not.
      Perhaps the journalist wanted to have something for the female readers.
      Who knows.

  2. Cardinal Dolan is so proud of not having found in 37 years of homilies one minute to speak about the most burning issues…. Why don’t he and this auxiliary bishop follow this rule of behaviour whenever it’s the right moment ? Is the will to follow the example of the Bishop of Rome so strong ?

  3. Thanks for the ‘hat tip’ and please let me add one observation. Adding insult to injury is the bishop’s assumption that the media portrayal of pro-life activists, as hateful, half-rabid, screaming banshees, is correct. While I am sure there can always be exceptions to any rule, generally speaking, pro-life activists, especially those who engage in “sidewalk counseling” outside of abortion chambers, are the furthest thing from hateful. The accusation of “hate speech” arises, as you note, from the telling of the truth. Too bad “who am I to judge” is a one-way street.

  4. Thank you for the useful link, Phlogiston!


  5. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar opined: “Let me have men about me that are fat;
    Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’ nights . . . . . . ” As far as the Catholic hierarchy is concerned I pray for exactly the opposite.

  6. There’s also this bishop’s capitulation on the issue of gay marriage: “He signalled a realisation by the hierarchy that the church cannot dictate to the State on issues like gay marriage.”
    It’s not a matter of dictating to the state, but of instructing the faithful in the truths of the Faith, in this case the immorality and wrongness of homosexual acts. By failing to be a teacher of the Faith–a bishop’s main task–this bishop is complicit and enabling the acceptance of sin as a “lifestyle choice.” Such acceptance will also make it easier for the young and vulnerable to be victimized and seduced by homosexuals.

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