Justice For Loretta!

Sad, but truthful article about the pitfalls of political correctness.

A Trannie (that is: a faggot who wants you to believe he is a dyke; or such like; I always get so confused…) is now suing CrossFit, a fitness organisation which organises its own CrossFit Games. In her modesty, she would be happy with $2.5m. 

The reason for Mr (note) Jonsson to become rich is that he had a “gender reassignment” some years ago, but the organisation does not want to allow him to compete among the women.

In case you are thinking this is an April joke, no. It’s simply California.

My spontaneous thoughts on the matter:

1. If CrossFit is the “gender equality” organisation, as they might well be, I sincerely hope that they lose the suit, or have to pay the Trannie a lot of money. It is only fitting that the owners pay the price of their own stupidity, through their own stupidity. Contrappasso is how Dante would call it.  

2. Similarly, I hope this changes the sport landscape in the USA and the entire world, and leads to new regulations by which Trannies are allowed to participate in women’s competition everywhere, from athletics to swimming to soccer. They would, ceteris paribus, easily outperform the women by way of their being … men. You would have women ousted by an awful lot of medals in favour of a small army of well-trained… men.

The liberal word would have to applaud. The women would have to shut up. They can’t say “but … biologically.. she… she… is a man!”, can they now?

Hey: the man was officially given the legal status of a woman by the stupid laws of the Socialist Republic of California. Why would he now have to be “discriminated” by the oh so inclusive society which allowed him to mutilate himself and undergo horrible chemical or hormonal treatments, and pledged to see him as a woman? How is it that reality can only be ignored when it just allows a couple of people to feel smug with themselves, but does not apply anymore when, say, other women pay the price for it?

Some people are trannies, my dear liberal female athletes. Get over it. Let’s make a huge PC exercise out of it, through Olympics and Paralypics, cycling, football (soccer), absolutely everything! You made this bed, now lie in it.

I hope the “struggle” for equality of the FDTAAP* crowd goes to its very end. I dream of a Wimbledon “female” tennis final between two trannies. Now that would be “inclusiveness”…

Live by political correctness, die by political correctness.


*Faggots, Dykes, Trannies and Assorted Perverts

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  1. Sorry WGH, can’t let that pass.

    “Concise and to the point” doesn’t mean a video and several links.

    That’s not what the comment box is for.


  2. Excuse me.
    I only wanted that you get this information.
    I didn´t know that the video would be visible and only put the links in to show that the quotes were not my phantasy.

    • Thanks!

      The number and extent of the messages are getting a real problem. I am trying to keep the function alive. There is another blog post (an expansion of an old one) coming.


  3. “Some people are trannies, my dear liberal female athletes. Get over it. Let’s make a huge PC exercise out of it, through Olympics and Paralypics, cycling, football (soccer), absolutely everything! You made this bed, now lie in it.”

    Utterly delicious! Poetic justice! 🙂

  4. Sctually, it has already happened. At the last Olympics, if I am not mistaken, a South African trannie won in the 800 m field competition. Only officially he/ she was declared a woman by her country. She won with a100 m advantage, at least, on the second runner, a nice, blonde, blue eyed Russian.
    Something similar happened in swimming with an apparent Chineße girls.
    And do you remember East German athletes, particularly the swimmers ?

  5. The Esst Germans had wombes, but as for the South African and the Chinese ones, you have only the official declaration of their government. Do you trust any of them ?

  6. Mundabor, I’ll be brave and comment here 🙂 There is a link on The Remnant (top left) to the rejected VII schemas. I read about denying God leading to denying natural law etc. It really touched a nerve because I was explaining exactly that to my son this afternoon. I could have cried when I saw what VII could have been.

    • Yes I think Rorate had them too. I have not read them to preserve my liver.
      What happened in the opening days of the Council was diabolical. Iota Unum also goes in detail about the “coup”.

  7. I have Iota Unum…..just haven’t got as far as reading it yet. It’s next on my list of things to do. Thanks.

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