Repetita Iuvant: Mundabor’s Moderation Policy, With Addenda.




Mundabor’s Moderation Policy

Some words in addition to the linked post.

1. for those who still have not understood it, this is my living room on the Internet. I would not allow you in my living room to speak out against me. By all means, it’s a free country, shout it to the entire planet. But I won’t give you my living room to do it, or the time of day to care of what you say.

2. As I want to have as much control as I can about the content – and there are people who are very subtle in trying to smuggle content I don’t like in their messages through links – please consider that in principle every external source you mention is, to me, part of your message. If the message links to a 30 minutes video, you have written a message that requires me 30 minutes to be read. The probable consequence of this you have already imagined.

3. “But Mundabor, why there should not be a measure of debate?” Because whilst you would find I am a rather good debater – and if you followed me on “Homo Smoke” you know what I am saying – I am very skeptical about debates being so useful. I prefer to use my time to present the Truth, not to have Truth dialogue with Error; and even when the disagreements are of far littler import, I do not think I should waste the time away to debate things of lesser importance. This is why I actually run a blog instead of a Forum. This blog was born without a comment option. I believe in God, the Father Almighty. Not in debate. 

4. It never ceases to amaze me how subtle some people are in sneaking into this space with initially Catholic arguments, and then appear to have an entirely different agenda – generally of the judeo-masonic-CIA-conspiracy type, but not only – which slowly emerges from their message until it becomes open. It lets me think the different agenda was the purpose from day one. These people are banned. I have only “unbanned” one person up to now. I am one in the Darcy mould: my good opinion, once lost, is (very probably) lost forever. If you don’t care about that, just imagine how much I care that you don’t.

5. Moderation is becoming really time-consuming. There are days with more than 40 messages in my inbox. It requires a rather Mussolinian attitude to them if I am to also do what this blog was born for: put my content in it.  Thanks to  those who keep it short and to the point.

6. Feel free to add links if you think they can be useful, but please do not be offended if I have to cut the entire message because I have no time to check the link. I do not edit messages as not only it takes time, but I am unsure about the legal implications of this. I decide on a case by case basis. Please do not be offended.

Or else feel free to be offended, but then please also be coherent and do not comment – or visit – anymore.



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  1. AND he’s a fan of Pride and Prejudice, ladies. Imagine that!

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