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Cardinal Burke Speaks Against Pansies.

The Cardinal seems to think they are not very good at protecting Catholicism.

The Cardinal seems to think they are not very good at protecting Catholicism.



The Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura spoke with unmistakable clarity : “It takes uncompromising Catholics” to oppose the killing of unborn children, artificial insemination and the gender ideology. In an exceptional and very long interview with the monthly magazine Radici Cristiane by Roberto de Mattei, the Cardinal treated in a  Catholic manner, the burning and controversial issues of the current debate over which, anti-Church circles exercise an increasingly radical   cultural hegemony and how  the thinking of Europeans is veritably brainwashed, which  begins in kindergarten. There is no more time watch idly or to talk about compromise.  Nor is it legitimate to resign.[!] The tacit resignation in the face of a psychological, moral and spiritual destruction thus constitutes a form of compromise with evil, says the Cardinal.

This comes from the usual Eponymous Flower. Unfortunately, the original interview on the Italian Radici cristiane site is, as I write this, so horribly formatted it is better to stick to the translation.

Let us see some of the things the Cardinal is saying:

1. We need “uncompromising Catholics”.

Let us stop with the goodism, the nice words, the “nuances”. Let us be assertive. Yes, we need “Catholicism without Compromise”. Exactly what this blog has in his subtitle. One can be proud.

2. The thinking of Europeans is veritably brainwashed.

Very true. I spoke with a German telling me how proud he was he remained at home after childbirth, allowing his wives to get back to work after birth. It’s a mystery to me what kind of woman might be interested in a man like that (answer: a German feminist), but it is truly scary that the feminist brainwashing of both sexes should lead to such brain damage. We answer to that by, well, saying it as it is, and unavoidably offending the pansies.


The brainwashing is particularly evident in the will to leave the moral high ground to perverts. Militant perverts and their friends must be ridiculed, not treated with “sensitivity”. Ridicule is an extremely effective weapon. When you decide you can’t ridicule the enemy, you have lost the war already. Only pansies don’t get this. Lots of pansies around. You write “faggot”, they’re all in a huff you have contravened to the Only Commandment.

3. There is no more time [to] watch idly or to talk about compromise.

Well, I would say in a sense there is, because we must continue the battle for as long as it takes. But there can be no doubt it’s better to wake up earlier than later.

Be loud. Show your righteous anger. Ridicule the enemy. Don’t be a pansy.


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