The EU Is A Secular Monster

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Saint Cyril and Methodius, pray for us!

If you need further proof the EU is a satanic machine meant to nanny all of us out of Christianity, you only need to read this Rorate post, which reports the Slovakian Central Bank decided to proceed with the coinage of a special 2-Euro commemorative coin in honour of the Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The EU had previously made resistance because the original design contained – shock! horror! – a.. a… a… Cross!

Seriously! If we start putting crosses on coins, where will it end?! People going to Mass? It’s the thin end of the wedge!

The mere sight of a cross was evidently too much for the satanic EU, which initially let it be known coins cannot contain religious symbols. Later, it was told this was not official EU policy, but the policy of some countries, which might make it not possible…

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  1. Well , it can’t really be said the European Union is against religions ! Has anyone seen that members of Islam , Buddhism , Induism ,Ancient African cults , Hare Khrishna ,New Age, Communism , Nuns on the Bus , Earth worshippers , Money worshippers ,Polar Bears fans,or the strangest cults for that matter have ever been denied rights, jobs, cooking habits?Look at how mosques are mushrooming ! Please , don’t misinterpret the fair and democratic intensions of E.U. There are only minor issues with those who haven’t fully understood the ‘ all together now ! ‘ new philosophy. In a few months they too will appreciate the motto ‘ Either you eat this soup or you jump out of the window ‘ (it sounds better in Italian). And ,by the way, the Bishop of Rome totally agrees with Bruxelles (or Brussels,let’s respect diversity ) and will with his New Ecumenism rightfully help the E.U. to reach its goals.

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