Insensitive Archbishops


“In all the villages of Nigeria, there are women who have no education and girls who do not attend school. They can not read or write, but they have the morning after pill . When they are questioned, they know which pill they have when to take abort. How can that be? Who tells them that and gives them the morning after pill,  pushing it into her hand? It is the western governmental and non-governmental organizations that impose their ideas on us. And these ‘values’ mean birth control. This is worth   much money and effort from the West. And why do they do that? To ensure that our government gets international economic aid, they must accept this Western policy. But that is called coercion. A culture and a mentality is imposed that is not ours, for we Nigerians not despise life.”   They attempt this by way of  an ideological indoctrination but specifically from the outside to manipulate the minds of the people in Nigeria.

These words are from Ignatius Kaigama, the Archbishop of Jos and President of the Nigerian Bishops’ Conference. Nigeria is the Country where Boko Haram massacres Christians like there’s no tomorrow – I have written here,  where I also linked to Andrew Klavan’s always useful “sensitivity training”, “how to behave during an Islamic massacre” – but where the West seems most concerned with letting abortion pills reach every freaking village, and screeching like an offended Trannie whenever Christian legislation is enacted.  

The Archbishop explains very clearly what the deal is: if you want to have the help to alleviate your economic misery, you will have to teach your girls the anti-values of the West. If you are Christian, you must be bad. Uganda received the same treatment. 

Alas, someone should tell the Archbishop that he is “obsessing” about both homosexuality and abortion; that getting “out there” and reeking of Western rot is absolutely fundamental, particularly if the sheep in the “outskirts” do the same; that in the new “time of mercy”  new accents must be set; that he should, erm, (cough), always consider the “individual circumstances”;  and that if sodomites “search the Lord” and “have good will”, who is he to judge? 

Perhaps the Archbishop will be visited by Father Volpi after the latter’s current demolition project has been brought to an end? 

You never know. The time of mercy looks like a time of bullying of everything orthodox indeed.


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  1. This post really hits the mark. In the US, the website of Mass Resistance, documents the struggle of Catholic and other pro-lifers in Africa, Jamaica, Hawaii, and the US. Usually, we are only presented with the tip of the homosexual-activists’ immoral and hate-filled agenda!

  2. Interesting that these western organizations consider contraception more important than literacy.

    • They just want as few as possible of those Africans to be born.
      Scratch the contraception activist and you will find Margaret Sanger.

  3. I shudder when I think of the chastisement that must be coming to the West, especially my county (USA). In fact, I believe it’s already begun – see Francis and see Russia.

  4. whilst it is well knwon that a literated woman does make less children…

  5. Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama…that’s an Alter Christus!!


    “and the gold of that land is good: there is … the onyx stone.” (Genesis 2:12)

    Semi-precious Priest
    Of stone
    Jet-black onyx
    Skin on bone.

    Somber strength
    The Mass, the tone,
    Your sacrifice
    Our souls we hone.

    A pitch-dark deep
    All Souls Mass said
    Your very first
    To free the dead.

    “Gold of that land”
    Kenya’s own —
    Melchisedech’s new
    Onyx stone!

  6. Looks like the Nigerian True Catholic Archbishop will not provisorily be put on blame or receive a Foxy visit with annexed F.F.I. treatment . The Bishop of Rome was very occupied to issue with Don Ciotti an anti-mafia statement , as if , obviously , nobody else in the world had previously ever criticized the Mafia ( Bergoglio probably thinks we Italians like it ). Anyway , a close friend of Mario Palmaro ,Paolo Deotto, wrote the Bishop of Rome a letter ‘piuttosto pepatina’ -by Riscossa Cristiana’s standards – on the subject ,also because there are rumours there will be a new Catholic Festivity , the ‘ Victims of Mafia day ‘ .

  7. Ooops…’s not a letter to the Bishop of Rome . Excuse me.

  8. Western liberals shriek if you tell them that their advocacy of contraception and abortifacients is actually racisim at work, because the message is that Africans are too stupid to behave responsibly.

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