This Is Utterly Inappropriate.

If this is inappropriate,

then this is inappropriate, too

I do not know the stupid details of this certainly stupid TV transmission. What I see:

1) tattooed people;

2) people making the horns

3) A nun making the horns

4) Other nuns behaving like teenies considered stupid by her own classmates.

5) A fully secular song, that no amount of “but she means to give everything to God” can hide. With this mentality, Sister could have sung “like a virgin”.

6) “Ho un dono, ve lo dono”, my foot. You're a nun, Sister. You are supposed to spend your time praying and helping, not jumping around like you're on cocaine.

7) “Non capisco piu' niente”, says Raffaella Carra', “I can't understand anything anymore”. She obviously can't understand (I mean, she says so) how a nun can behave in that way. She is not the only one.


This is utterly, utterly inappropriate. This is not a nun singing Schubert's “Ave Maria”. This here is, or appears to be, fully invested in the world; choking full of its vanity and stupidity in its most vain, and most stupid form.

Like Francis, she chooses popularity. The sign of the horns, though certainly not understood in all its gravity, is a massive giveaway of this desire to be like the ones of the other side of the nunnery; to be liked by them, to share their values, their songs, their gestures; to be, in a word, one of them.

The way she jumps around is probably the most embarrassing thing of them all, or at least it is the biggest giveaway.

Nothing against priests or nuns who sing. By all means, give us beautiful sacred music, make us feel inspired. Sell millions of copies. Make World Catholicism Tours. “Nuns For Unborn Babies”, that would be a good title for a sacred song collection. One is for me.

But in everything, never forget that you are a priest, a nun, a religious sister; that your life has been given to Christ; that this giggling and screaming and jumping around is utterly inappropriate for nuns; and I am not talking only of the one on stage here, but of the other screaming girlies, too.

The world saw, and laughed. It laughed in the same way as he laughs when Francis dons the clown's nose. It's the condescending smile of victory.

“Look, a nun makes an ass of herself. It's soooo funny”.

Sister Christina should reflect long and hard on her vocation.

What's next? A nun twerking to give witness of the beauty of creation?

“I don't understand anything anymore”, says Raffaella Carra'.

The only sensible words in the eight minutes of the video.




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  1. To make matters worse (the fact that the sister did what she did was bad enough) the song by Alecia Keys that the sister sang was apparently written by Keyes about a married man (now her current husband) who she was having an affair with at the time. You just have to shake your head in amazement that THIS is what the clergy has devolved into.

  2. ….Well, it is more “fashionable” than Latin chant, even without a (visible) tattoo.

  3. When I first saw this, I thought to myself how refreshing it was to see a sister in her habit. But I had a feeling in me of something not being right. I really don’t blame her, she’s just a product of her formation. Can you imagine the little flowers reaction, or saint Faustina upon seeing this?

    • I think one must look at the video to appreciate the gravity of the fact. The headline “nun sings at a vocal competition” is in itself not so outlandish. It’s what she does, and how she does it.


  4. the two tattooed people in the jury are the farthest possible people from the Church and catholicism, at least in Italy. One of the two has lost his daughter’ s custody because he was- and probably stil is – a drug addict.
    Of the four judges perhaps Raffaella Carra’ only understands the seriousness of the situation, and she is surely the most catholic of the four ones. Go figure !

  5. Pardon my ignorance; what is ‘making the horns?’

    And yes, clearly the world has lost its collective mind. The comments on that youtube video were so positive it was nauseating.

    • Where I grew up it simply meant “cornuto”: a cheated on man.
      But among today’s Anglo youth – and by extension, cretins the world over – it indicates sympathy for the devil of some sort. Whilst I am sure many make the sign out of pure stupidity and brainless parroting, the seriousness remains.

  6. It’s totally inappropriate for a religious sister to sing a secular love song and then–why are we not surprised– referrring to Pope Francis’ outlook as endorsement and then proclaiming her pop singing an act of evangelization. In the US, we have Mother Dolores Hart, a cloistered nun since the 1960s and a Hollywood starlet before she entered the monastery, giving interviews and a speech on “”Jesus the Actor: Theatre and Benedictine Spirituality” in which she informs the audience at the University of Steubenville that Elvis Presleay was a “good kisser.” (minute 16:45 at What a way for brides of Christ to act!

  7. When I was a kid, there was a lady called “The Singing Nun”. who was real popular for a while. Then she just dropped out of sight. Years later, I learned she left her vocation, and sadly, died of drug abuse. I think this nun runs the risk of going downhill too, unless a wise nun or priest steers her back to her true calling.

    • I fully agree.
      How can she behave in that way and claim she has a sincere vocation for the life she has chosen is boy one me. I barely know who Alicia Keys is, but I do not doubt a nun making the horns has exposed herself to all sort of crappy videos for a long time.

  8. Am I the only one to think in this context the nun would have to wear the habit, because this would cause the outlandish situation to appear in all its force?
    If you want to have a nun twerking on TV, then you certainly want her to do so dressed as a nun.

  9. Hollyweird (and the debased enterntainment elites in general) usually require that nuns appear in full, traditional habits when they make donkeys of themselves (e.g. Sister Act). Here, however, young Sister Secular was allowed to wear more modish attire. I was surprised “shout outs” weren’t given to our lord and master Satan!

  10. ‘She means to give everything to God ‘ sounds to many Italian ears ambiguous and ‘ di cattivo gusto’ , to say the least. And the ‘horns’ made by a nun were unthinkable until two days ago. This fact will become as popular as ‘ Who am I to judge’ for sure . But….weren’t all
    new young nuns F.F.I. members ? And who’s the Bishop who has allowed to fall into this trap so ‘carefree’ ?

  11. Dear Mundabor,

    You’re very first lines in this post, “If this is inappropriate, then this is inappropriate,” were so ironclad in the force of their analogy and the logic of the statement, that you could have left it at that and completely destroyed all attempts at justifying what that nun did. I wonder if Fr. Z could talk around those first lines? (

    • I doubt many of those who have commented favourably have seen the video.
      At first sight, it would look like “nun sings in Italian competition”.
      I wish…


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