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Pope Francis-The-Politically-Correct

Francis has already showed he has an eye for female advisors.

Francis has already showed he has an eye for female advisors.

You might or might not know that in Italy a law aimed at ensuring that half of the members of Parliament are women has recently been canned. This PC monster may well rear its ugly head in the future, but for once common sense – helped by the secret ballot – has prevailed. There will, therefore, be no Panda Bear Reserves in the Italian Parliament, and a woman will have to be chosen for the job exactly as a man has to, at least as far as the legal position is concerned (there is at least one party who has a 50% female policy; last time I looked, this party had only 10% women among their activists; but hey, if the men of that party are such beta tools…. who am I to judge?).

The Bishop of Rome, Francis, was certainly thinking about it during one of his last bus rides, and reflecting on how he can show that he cares for women in a strictly PC manner. 

Detto, fatto. The new commission against sexual abuse (this is what you do when you want to reduce bureaucracy: you create new commissions…) has, who could have thought it, 50% of women. That is, the members are eight, the lay”people” five, and of these five four are women. Therefore, women outnumber the men four to one among the lay-whatever, and are half of the full gremium. This is so gay, I can’t imagine the idea came from a heterosexual prelate. 

In the meantime, laws against “homophobia” and “transphobia”, which are a real threat to the freedom of expression and of religion of sound Catholics, are advancing fast. 

Francis does not care, as it is well-known that he is nobody to judge.


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