Pope Francis-The-Politically-Correct

Francis has already showed he has an eye for female advisors.

Francis has already showed he has an eye for female advisors.

You might or might not know that in Italy a law aimed at ensuring that half of the members of Parliament are women has recently been canned. This PC monster may well rear its ugly head in the future, but for once common sense – helped by the secret ballot – has prevailed. There will, therefore, be no Panda Bear Reserves in the Italian Parliament, and a woman will have to be chosen for the job exactly as a man has to, at least as far as the legal position is concerned (there is at least one party who has a 50% female policy; last time I looked, this party had only 10% women among their activists; but hey, if the men of that party are such beta tools…. who am I to judge?).

The Bishop of Rome, Francis, was certainly thinking about it during one of his last bus rides, and reflecting on how he can show that he cares for women in a strictly PC manner. 

Detto, fatto. The new commission against sexual abuse (this is what you do when you want to reduce bureaucracy: you create new commissions…) has, who could have thought it, 50% of women. That is, the members are eight, the lay”people” five, and of these five four are women. Therefore, women outnumber the men four to one among the lay-whatever, and are half of the full gremium. This is so gay, I can’t imagine the idea came from a heterosexual prelate. 

In the meantime, laws against “homophobia” and “transphobia”, which are a real threat to the freedom of expression and of religion of sound Catholics, are advancing fast. 

Francis does not care, as it is well-known that he is nobody to judge.


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  1. To my mind:

    The presence of women, most especially a women who was raped by a chaplain, is a brilliant Gay PR move. While the vast vast vast majority of the sex abuse cases are homosexual (men with boys), the predominance of women diverts attention away from the homosexual nature of the scandal.

    This is consistent with the incessant media characterization of the sex abuse scandal as pedophile – which it is not! Pedophile is “sexual attraction to prepubescent children”. So far as I can determine, none of the near 4,000 American cases involved “pre-public children”. Virtually (literally?) all involved post-public boys – men having sex with boys is homosexual sex. By media representations of “Priest pedophilia” it detracts from the reality of Men/Boys homosexual acts.

    Similarly, as I said, the predominance of women on the commission insures that there is no talk of men/boys homosexuality, which would have a very negative impact for the Gay image.

    Seems to me – leastwise!


  2. I’m afraid I won’t have the courage to tell my grandchildren the history of this Pontificate . One day I’ll buy the ‘ Denzinger Francis the First ‘ , if it will be publicly on sale and not only ‘ samizdat edition’ and will give it to them as a Christmas present. Of course , I’ll have to explain them what is Christmas.

    • One is afraid by the time your grandchildren are seven or eight there be Popes taking part to Gay parades or TV transmissions where they sing and dancing, making the sign of the horns and blessing everyone in the name of social justice.
      Bar Divine Intervention, for which we must pray.


  3. My Red Face
    ‘pre-public’ should be ‘prepuberty’

  4. quiavideruntoculi

    I beg you to take down that provocative photograph. It is an occasion to sin.

    • You are being a tad too delicate.
      The photo is perfectly dressed. I have published far “more naked” photo of the lady.
      Oportet ut scandala eveniant.


    • quiavideruntoculi

      It’s your shout, of course. Nonetheless I wish you’d take it down; [….].

      Maybe I’m being over-sensitive. It seems to me that we undermine our stance against indecency, when we reproduce it.

    • Yes, not only you are being overly sensitive, but overly aggressive. I had to edit the message, because I do not want to have lawyers at WordPress’ doors, which might lead to WordPress shutting down this blog.

      Whilst certain words can be used referring to abstract situations, it is very dangerous to use them for concrete people, unless they are referred to politicians or people of worldwide repute. A Papal adviser could, namely, easily sue you.

      More in general, our sensitivity should not be confused with general morality. I can consider Cardinal Kasper a rather unsavoury character, but I will not go to the point of asking that his image be removed from other people’s blog because he could lead people into perdition.


  5. The Catholic Church, especially under John Paul II, has participated in the promotion of women to places of leadership within the ecclesial body. It is an unnatural arrangement. It was orchestrated by the lavender mob which has inhabited and grown to increasingly dominate the Vatican and Chanceries of the West for the past 50 years. Just as the radical feminist agenda was aided and abetted by the lavender mafia in the civil sphere, the same revolution was occurring in the Catholic Church. The fags and the hags are natural (er…unnatural) allies.

    It is one of the most subtle and effective reasons why the priesthood has been infected by those with a “soft” masculinity at best and outright members of the lavender crew at worst. One gets literature often about seminarians playing athletic sports in slick fundraising ads. That is no proof against “soft” masculinity. If these post-modern creatures accept the revolutionary role of women in the Church (even in a non-ordained capacity) they are severely damaged goods (and neither they or most Catholics even know it because they’ve bought into the principles of the gender interchange).

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