Not Quite The Angels


These two delicate flowers have been just arrested for massively abusing “their” three children.

Yes, these are aren’t sisters, or cousins. I would say it is California, but this reality will become increasingly more common all over the West whilst Pope Francis, ever suspicious of everything looking like orthodoxy or a good living, tells us we must not look like saints in holy cards.

Well, these two dykes certainly don’t.

“The girl, who appeared to have suffered the most extreme abuse, was chained to the floor to prevent her from getting any food, they said”.

“[They had] “hardly eaten for months.”

[The girl looked] like a concentration camp victim.”

What a brave new world.

Dykes are allowed not only to keep their babies, but to adopt new ones. Then we complain such things happen. One truly understands how pedophile priests could be moved from one place to the other after some “training course”, and everyone thought it was all fine. As for the pedophile priests, there will be more and more of these cases in the years to come. Children will be subjected to the worst abuses in the worst cases, and will grow up emotionally maimed and with all sorts of dysfunctions in the less worst.

Political Correctness makes blind and stupid. These children are just three among very many who will pay the price.


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  1. This is why women are needed on the Church’s child abuse panel. Because women are incapable of such things, and will make sure the patriarchal-driven abuse stops, right? We need wombs in those discussions because they would never abuse children. It’s not like there’s been a new story about female school teachers raping their students coming out every month for the past 8 years or anything like that.

    This political correctness is what also allowed 5 sweaty Arabs to get on jets and sit near the exits and not one person raise so much as a peep, or if they did, were completely ignored. Over a decade hence, they still subject 90 year old wheel-chair bound Swedish grandmothers to strip searches on the absurd directive that anyone could be a terrorist, or listen to every phone call being made so as not to be accused of being racist or targeting a minority.

    If this PC crap doesn’t get us blown up from without it will sure enough destroy us from within.

  2. There’s a story today about the unexplained death of a 2-year-old boy in Scotland whose lesbian “parents” liked to party. The, er, women, look remarkably similar to the two pictured above.

  3. Just fifteen years ago two relatives of mine , two wonderful persons , wanted to adopt one child , and not only they had to wait in line six or seven years , but they had to endure frequent psychological examinations ,to show that their couple relationship was ok, to prove that they had good salaries and other solid financial means , house in propriety and so forth.Many couples with no children were so stressed by this procedure, that they preferred to try to adopt a child in Romania, China, Vietnam, Brazil or other second and third world countries . Now it’s possible for not-a- married ‘man and woman’ couple to adopt multiple children simply ‘on demand’ ?? Has Cardinal Kasper faced this issue in his 15 or 20 pastoral report about the present condition of families , or will have the new fifty-fifty Bergoglian ‘sexual abuse’ commission to deal with this problem ?

  4. How dare you, Fundy Mundy, for erroneously judging these fine women! Firstly, I’ll state the obvious and accuse of you of being judgemental. And, exactly, who are you to judge? Secondly, these two remarkable and dedicated and caring mothers aren’t some mocked-up artificial holy-carded debutantes of false traditionalism. They have the smell of the sheep which we should embrace!

    Finally, have you ever thought to consider that these care-givers were just encouraging their children to practice a rigorous Lent, which would ultimately be good for the eternal souls of their children?

    “Vaya LiLo”

  5. Presumably, the future Papal Commission on sexual abuse will extend to sexual abuse in houses of formation and convents of female religious orders, a topic which the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the Vatican have so far successfully managed to avoid . Randy Engel, author, The Rite of Sodomy

  6. When I was a young man, a lesbian couple lived across the street from me. They were very much like the fun couple in your post. One was butchy macho, the other one was feminine(?) Everytime I see one of these couple’s, the pattern is the same. The butchy macho one is always abusive to the fem one. And if there are kids involved, they’re bound to be abused by the butch, and sadly the fem will stand by or cooperate in the abuse, for fear of the butch.

  7. Mr. M, I‘m so tired of hearing how we are supposed to understand and tolerate perversion. Just 20 years ago it would have been unthinkable to give children to homosexual couples. It would have been considered child abuse, which of course it is! In my family I’m suppose to remain silent while I see my nieces and nephews being corrupted into thinking this is an viable alternative lifestyle. I will not have a millstone put around my neck because I was a coward who wouldn’t speak out. And when I spoke to a priest looking for counsel about what to do, he told me while he was against gay marriage he did believe in civil unions. Thanks a lot Father – Civil Unions is still sodomy! I walked out of his office so disheartened. We are so up against it, but the truth is the truth and will eventually prevail.

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