Communion For Adulterers: Is The Outcome Already Decided?

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German bishops unwelcome.  German bishops unwelcome.

Am I the only one who thinks the exercise of the Extraordinary Synod was started by Francis precisely with the purpose of opening a way for public adulterers to receive communion, and the preparations are now well under way? 

Let us see how the script would develop. First, the people decided to proceed to the Extraordinary Synod. Officially, in order to discuss “ways”. He leaves himself thirteen months’ time, so that the ground can be well prepared.

As always in these cases, he will not appear as the driving force of it all. Officially he is on the sides, an a “pastoral” but “concerned” way.

Meanwhile, his German demolition troops start making the lio Franciswishes so much. They make a democratic exercise of it, asking the turkey what they think of Thanksgiving. The turkeys answer they don’t like Thanksgiving at all, and think it unfair. The…

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  1. You are not alone in thinking this. The appointment of Kasper to lead the synod when he has been trying to bring this change in since 1993 is clearly no coincidence. This is a ‘done deal’ they believe and I think that they are probably right. The Germans look as though they are going to do it unilaterally anyway (hasn’t one diocese already brought this in?).

    • Last time I looked, there were a number of priests (more than 100, if memory serves) stating that they were giving communion to adulterers; but this in itself would be a problem of disobedience to be answered from the bishop; a much different animal from the Church sanctioning the same behaviour with some thinly veiled excuse.


  2. If Pope Francis is going to appoint cardinals, whose views on certain matters are already well entrenched and well known, to make recommendations on those same matters, then his ‘collegiality’ begins to look a little like that exercised by the Chinese Communist Party’s Peoples’ Congress. If a leader knows the outcome before the vote by appointing the voters, it makes life so much easier but it isn’t called collegiality, it’s called manipulation.

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