The Layer Church

The latest initiative taken by Francis for Lent is certainly laudable. In Rome and elsewhere, a special effort will be made, keeping some churches open in the evening and providing for confession opportunities at that late hour. A beautiful way to remind the faithful of the Sacrament of Confession, and to encourage them to avail themselves of it in this Lenten time.

Unfortunately, this being Francis-The-Bishop-of-Rome the initiative is diluted by the usual, exaggerated expectation for mercy. Therefore, with one corner of his mouth Francis tells you that it is good to go to Confession, whilst with the other he implies that God's inexhaustible mercy doesn't make it necessary; because hey, if you have good will and follow your conscience you will be just fine.

In this, I notice once again the “layer Church” so evident in this year of Pontificate: one layer is the traditional Catholic teaching to which Francis must, being the Pope, pay some sort of lip service. The other layer is the new homemade religion Francis concocted for himself instead of providing himself with a solid Catholic education; this is the religion in which faith is not necessary for salvation because conscience saves, sodomite priests are not to be judged, God slaps one in the wrist at most, being a good Catholic who follows the rules makes one suspicious, and counting your rosaries makes one positively ridiculous, Neo-Pelagian and a lot of other things, none of them positive.

My suspicion is that the former layer comes mainly from his advisors, who suggest to him that he does something Catholic for a change; whilst the latter is obviously the fruit of Francis' decade-long neglect for basic Catholicism and its substitution for a vaguely resentful, and more than vaguely dirty, social gospel.

Francis wasn't born a genius, but like every Modernist he understands if he wants to spread his own gospel – the gospel that makes him so popular among people without the least intention of converting to Catholic values – he must also play the Catholic pope every now and then, and affirm today what he has happily denied yesterday. This latest Confession initiative is just the most recent example: conscience saves, but please go to confession, it's good for the blood pressure.

The antidote for Francis' poison is very simple: we must make an extra effort of learning of sound Catholic teaching; so that every time Francis speaks we may easily recognise what is legitimate Catholicism and what is homemade “Che” religion. It is not really difficult, because Francis' love for headlines and novelty will allow a properly instructed Catholic to almost instantly recognise those concept sounding “off”.

I can at least see no other way we can react to this than by making Francis' antics work for us – in that we use them to root ourselves deeper in the Truth – rather than against us.

Many others will be confused by Francis' Layer Church. But you, dear reader, who are more Catholic than that, will see the danger and instruct others in the proper way to eat it; discarding the mix of sugar and poison Francis has put on top of it; but for heaven's sake, without throwing away the entire cake.



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  1. You mentioned Francis´homemade “Che” religion.

    I recently came across a photo of the Pope´s favorite priest, padre “Pepe” Di Paola who looks like a “ shepherd with the smell of his sheep” holding the book
    “El cuaderno verde del CHE /Che’s Green Notebook”.

    The Observer reported that the Mexican publishers, Planeta, are to publish the contents of Che Guevara’s green notebook, which was found among his belongings when he was shot by the CIA in 1967. The notebook has since been kept locked away by the Bolivian military.
    The notebook contains 69 poems by Pablo Neruda (Chile), Nicolás Guillén (Cuba), César Vallejo (Peru) and León Felipe (Spain). The poems are written out in Guevara’s own hand.

    • I could not open th elink (temporary problem, perhaps), but from what you write the smell of the commie sheep can be felt from here.


  2. Either that or the man is completely confused.

  3. There is an Italian expression I am told that translates roughly as “The fish begins to smell at (from) the head”. As I understand it: The fish is a metaphor for organizations and the implication is that when organizations decline, the origin (cause) of the problem is the ‘head’ i.e. leadership.

    Much of the debate in the Catholic blogosphere is predicated on the Fish metaphor; i.e. the decline of the Church is caused by the ‘head’ i.e. the Pope/Cardinals/Bishops. Clearly there is much truth in this point of view.

    However, there is another metaphor of my own which points to an even more fundamental cause of decline. A plant grows from a seed; the plant being the Church and the seed being seminaries. What I virtually never read is any discussion about the seminaries where present Church leaders were trained.

    There seems to be a goodly amount of documentation that seminaries from the 60’s on were systematically cultivating homosexual clergy and worst, far worst, subverting the teaching of the Church in total not just as those teaching pertain to homosexuality.

    In short, for those who want to see a revival of the so-called Traditional (i.e. True) Church, they had better focus on what is going on and being taught in seminaries.

    The seminaries are also ‘layers’ of the Church.

    Seems to me – least wise.


    • “Il pesce puzza dalla testa”, one of my favourites bits of popular wisdom, translates as “the fish rots from the head down”, an expression I also read more and more often in the blogosphere.

      Yes, Bergoglio is the product of the disruptive non-theology of the Sixties; but whilst it would appear many priests have made an effort to learn something and are ashamed of the deficiencies the seminary left them, Bergoglio is just as bad now as he was when he was ordained.


  4. I could open the link on your blog but try this one.

  5. Well, I was able to open up that link…trust me Mundy, I had to take a shower after looking at the pic of Padre Pepe de la Che. Despite the intense scrubbing and liberal use of bleach, I still reek of the odours of goat and sheep and rams and muttons and lambs and ewes and merinos.

    At this point in the Francis papacy, I can no longer count sheep when I suffer from insomnia…instead I count insults…”One Favela, two holy-carded misers…three pelegians, four rosary counters…”. Instead of drifting into peaceful sleep, I now have images of Kardinal Kasper and Padre Pepe milling about a sheep farm in Wales.

    “Vaya LiLo!”

  6. Thanks M. I must admit I find myself desperately brushing up on a lot of details at age 42- sadly a product of VII and some incomplete, scant or neglectful Catholic school teaching. But happily re-ignited by Our Good Lord and safely in the care of good FSSP shepherds. If you haven’t got a good shepherd, search far and wide while you can!

    • I am blessed with excellent Catholic shepherds, though it does cost some traveling. But if I were to move somewhere where this is not the case, I would renew my efforts to teach myself proper Catholicism.

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