Communion For Adulterers: Kasper Isolated Among Cardinals.

Now it's official: Cardinals don't like puppet shows; at least those with Kasperle, hier depicted.

Now it’s official: Cardinals don’t like puppet shows; at least those with Kasperle, hier depicted.


I had been alerted to the Italian version, but the excellent Rorate Caeli already has the English translation, so I will refer to it directly.

If you follow the link, you will notice that among the Cardinals there is a clear refusal of the Modernist measures, and of the obvious contempt of Christ, showed by Cardinal Kasper.

Among the Cardinals who have expressed themselves clearly – or brutally – against the measures proposed by Kasper, Giorgio Tosatti mentions not only those already gone public with their disagreement (to my knowledge Mueller, Caffarra and Burke), but also Brandmueller, Bagnasco, Sarah, Re, Piacenza, Tauran and Ruini. If we are to believe to cardinal Ruini, it’s 85% against, an dmany of the others “embarrassed”.

Note that some of the interventions are so explicit one struggles to believe they come from a Cardinal (hey: these the ones who gave us Big Problem in the first place), and some of them come from cardinals, like Re, who cannot be praised with having a sound conservative spirit. Also note cardinal re explicitly mentions the fact that expressing oneself against the measure may hinder one’s chance of becoming Cardinal, thus clearly stating what everyone knows: Kasper is nothing else than Francis’ longa manus.

My reading of the events is that it would appear that those mentioned believe in God, whilst Kasper and Francis either don’t, or do not believe in anything resembling the God of the Catholics. Because if they would, they would be terrified of playing fast and loose with the Truth and the Sacraments.

The resistance to the Francis-Kasper assault to the Sacraments is, certainly, good news. But I reflect that the opposition reported by Tosatti came from Cardinals, and the synod in October will see – as it was also on the latest occasion, though we are not told about them – the participation of Bishops,among whom there will be no lack of cheerleaders (who have lost their Catholic faith, all of them, no exception) ready to praise the direction whereto the “spirit” is leading the Church; as clearly proved by the many magazine covers, and the millions of twitter followers.

We can’t do much more than pray I am afraid, but at least we can try to be vocal about what is happening in our sphere of influence, so that those around us may be educated to sound Catholicism; which will be good even if this huge mess does not become reality.

The Faith is going to be severely tested in the months and years to come. Most of my readers belong, I want to hope, to those whose faith and loyalty to the Church of Christ is unshakable, but many around them will be made of a weaker stuff. It is for us to instruct, support, console and encourage them.

Because the local priest will very probably sing the praise of Francis whilst getting all excited about some young nun jumping on the stage like she is on cocaine.



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  1. St. Benedict's Thistle

    Many thanks for the insightful post. Until yesterday, I was praying only perfunctorily for the Pope and bishops, but imagine the burden they carry into eternity! Being a Catholic is no slight matter, I find. It is a pity that so few Catholics understand their call to be warriors for the Faith (something that has been dropped at confirmation for many of the faithful nowadays).

  2. Delighted to hear this news. Let’s hope that it signifies a growing resistance to this creeping apostasy. But as you rightly point out many of the bishops are unreliable and it remains clear that even greater turbulence probably lies ahead. Yet it is good to hear top prelates sounding the alarm and quite forcefully too.

  3. I can’t tell you my relief at hearing some balance come through! Thank goodness my priests will not support such antics. People should at least be made aware there is a big debate going on out there and why!

  4. Thanks, M. Holding my ground at the moment but we are in wait and see position at the moment.

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