UK: Environmentally Friendly Nazism

Ovens at Auschwitz' extermination camp. Clearly an inspiration for UK hospitals.

Ovens at Auschwitz’ extermination camp. Clearly an inspiration for UK hospitals.



We are informed that more than 15,000 aborted and miscarried babies have been burned to produce energy .

The “Daily Homograph” very delicately also reports they were burned alongside other rubbish, thus making involuntarily clear what they think of the corpse of an aborted or miscarried baby.

The blood-chilling details are in the “Homograph” article, so if you want to have your stomach upset and your last meal isn’t recent you can read the rest there. 

I merely notice that this is the country which, in a great leap “forward” toward Sodom, has just approved so-called homosexual “marriages”, less than a decade after approving homosexual “civil partnerships”.

How people does not see the link it’s beyond me. The contempt for God’s commandments must perforce translate in the pursue of every selfish interests at all costs; this will unavoidably lead both to the celebration of perversion and to the elimination of unwanted human beings. They are the two faces of the same coin, and a pretend sensitivity about the corpse of the baby one has just killed is not going to wash. 

In fact, perhaps the most disgusting part of the story is the hypocrisy of those now saying burning dead children for heat is “unacceptable”. It is acceptable to kill an innocent unborn child, but it is not acceptable to dispose of the remains in a way that hurts the “sensitivity” of the public; sensitivity which , at least here in the UK, isn’t hurt by the killing of unborn babies at all.

I remember the opening show of the Olympic games, with that semi-communist exaltation of the NHS, apparently such a great conquest of humanity.

“Yes, ma’am, we have cremated the rests of your, erm, ah, well, I mean the “foetal remains”; can’t you feel the pleasant warmth around you?”


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  1. Well, I’m glad they’re saying burning dead babies for heat is unacceptable! I line has to be drawn in the sand somewhere!

  2. Mundy, your consistently inappropriate obsessioning with the vagaries in life such as abortion, divorce-on-demand, homosexuality and the like are indicative of a soul who needs a vacation and some intense period of prayer and reflection.

    May I suggest a pleasant religious house in Rome named Domus Sanctae Marthae? While not luxurious, it does exude an environment of humbleness and there are nightly healing massages followed by bingo at the nearby Vatican Bank. On weekends, there is a splendid breakfast buffet followed by purging colonics. On weekdays there are Salsa, Tango & Cha-Cha-Cha clinics in the mornings; in the PM there are special craft classes where you can learn to deconstruct Rosaries and crayon over Holy Cards.

    I’m praying for the healing of your soul.

    “Vaya LiLo!”

  3. I bet that in twenty or thirty years many people will be ‘ surprised ‘ at laws of Western and ‘ developed ‘ countries which will allow marriages ‘ on demand ‘ to any number of men,women,(children included ,provided they can say at least food,water,home,and pupu’ ) ,extraterrestrials , animals , fishes, trees and no-clear-gender beings.Other people will be in awe at laws which will sentence a 50 years term in prison or concentration camp for priests who refuse to celebrate such ‘marriages’, and death by starvation to all those who kill a dolphin or a baby seal.

    • Marco, it does not follow that because we are defenders of human life (which is sacred) we can butcher animals anyway we like. Killing an animal for no reason and in a cruel and inhuman manner is also a sin. Just saying. . .

  4. I have a sense that if they were only aborted babies and not the miscarried ones, they wouldn’t have a problem at all. How can burning the remains of a aborted baby be “inappropriate” while killing it and treating it like a just a “blob” is? When these evil people wake up one day (and I hope it’s before their judgement) they will be horrified at what they have supported. God bless~

  5. You can draw a line in sand, but sand drifts and drags the line wherever it shifts. Lines were carved in stone, spelling out the commandments God gave men. Men will always prefer the shifting lines in blowing sand until he finds that the ground has fled from under his feet.

  6. Juana, I think Marco is pointing out to the complete loss of the sense of proportions, and the humanisations of animals whilst humans are dehumanised.


    • I totally agree with you, Mundabor, that there is a sick tendency to humanise animals and dehumanise humans. I just meant to say that all Creation is worthy of respect. Human beings are its crowning glory, of course!

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