He Came. He Saw. He Didn’t Conquer.

It could have been better (not with this Pope, perhaps) but it could have been much worse, too.

In the reports of the papal visit there is no trace of the social justice love-in in which Barry Boy had certainly hoped. The Vatican communique is very short, and gives great relevance to the US internal issues.  Certainly pretty much the biggest relevance that can be expected in a diplomatic setting.

We do not know what was said in private, but this is perfectly irrelevant as nobody can have a conversation with the Bishop of Rome and go away with three intelligible thoughts in a row.

There were the inevitable photo-ops, too, but they won’t help Barry Boy much. He makes the impression that he is trying to shine out of the reflected light of the Enemies Of Christ’s Most Beloved Pontiff, which isn’t much of a messianic statement.

Nor will this, I think, be much of a media coup for Francis. He certainly prefers the cover of Rolling Stone, or anything remotely stinking of favela, than a duet in which he has – wisely, I think, for once – followed the counsel of his advisors, not to help Obama in his social-justice-cum-abortion-and-oppression-of-Christians crusade.

Pretty much of a non-event, then, from what I could read up to now.

And in the times in which we are living, every non-event can only be good news.




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  1. To paraphrase an infamous quote from Michelle Obama:

    “This is the first time in my life I’m proud of the Vatican.”

    “Vaya LiLo”

  2. Obama’s abysmal poll numbers were probably a factor here. Anyone he appears with gets dragged down 6 points on the Rolling Stone Index of the Odiously Trendy just for being seen with him.

  3. Jeah, you’ re alright as ever, Mundabor. I was expecting at least three days of press coverage -oh, how wonderful, and beautiful, and peaciful, etc.etc- and instead it’ s all over in less than24 hours. Strang indeed.

    • I was fearing the photos of the two fearless warriors against poverty, fighting hand in hand against the Capitalistic oppressor.
      I think we must be grateful to Parolin.

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