Cowardice, Not Anticlericalism, Engenders Persecution.


The sensitive natures among you had better not to follow this link, containing Messa in Latino's blogpost – and many shocking images; a number of them containing nudity, and nudity in church – about the desecration and vandalising of one of the most famous churches worldwide, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre, Paris.

In a shocking (absence of) reaction that has been linked to also in the article, the Cardinal of Paris minimises the events, in substance saying that not Catholicism per se is the target, but rather this is generic “anticlericalism” that has, this time, expressed himself in the vandalism and profanation of a Catholic church; but hey, it could have been a Mosque, right?

In doing this, Cardinal Vingt-Trois follows the most basic instinct of the Western clergy: minimise, stick the head in the sand, and hope the problem goes away by itself.

Things are happening in France and all over the West that would have been unthinkable only a decade ago. The shepherds do perfectly nothing. Instead of giving three interviews a day and declare open war to the open anticlerical spirit of the French government (as abundantly documented in the linked article: I spare you the disgusting details) and demanding that the people rise against this desecration and shame, the Cardinal deflects toward a vague, very effeminate whining about some generic people who, in some generic way, seem not to like the generic notion of religion. Pissing on the altar and writing blasphemous and obscene phrases on the very floor and wall of the Cathedral must then be considered a generic expression of generic anticlerical spirit. They haven't anything against us, you know! Phew!

One does not know who are the worst enemies of the Church, the idiots desecrating it or the prelates surrendering to the mob without any reaction worthy of the name.

The persecution is not coming because of the people who would love to burn churches to the ground. Those have always been around. During the decades of Communism there were probably many more of those around.

The persecution is coming because those who have been entrusted with the defense of Catholic values and places of worship have chosen to be silent.


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  1. If this had been a sinagogue or a mosque then there would be many people in jail or hanged…

  2. What would the saints be thinking?! So many gave their lives in order to protect the Holy Eucharist and His Dwelling Place! It is not charitable to FAIL to correct these actions and admonish their souls in the strongest and most effective way that can be found! If I did the same to their beloved grandmother’s grave? Would they expect silence? This is not just a building so this is not just graffiti!

  3. What these cowardly clerics don’t realize, that no matter how much you appease and suck up to the secular world, one day these very same animals will chop your head off.

  4. Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us! All the French saints, pray for France!

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