We Cry For You, Argentina!


The dykes’ request to paint the baptismal font in the colours of the rainbow had met some resistance…




In the land of boorish populism, Pinocchio masses and Tango masses,  (you will see a familiar face in both I am afraid) it was only a matter of time before this here happened: two lesbians having their own child baptised and being confirmed themselves.

Now, I have already written about the fact that a priest is supposed to baptise if, and only if, he thinks that the child has a reasonable, well-grounded hope to be raised in the Catholic faith. Say, two Jews are thinking of conversion, but they want their offspring to be baptised and raised as Catholics in the meantime. I never got a problem with the fact that Felix Mendelssohn and his siblings were all baptised before their parents converted to Christianity. In that case, it made sense to do so, and there was more than solid ground to believe the children would be raised in the Christian (if, alas, not Catholic) faith. But this here is beyond belief.

Firstly, one must ask how well grounded is the chance that a child will be raised in the Catholic faith if the people he lives with are the very epitome, and very publicly so, of all that the Church opposes. This is as if Stalin would have asked for his son to be baptised; with the difference that in Stalin’s case one might have hoped the mother of a child was a closet Christian; no risk of the sort here.

Secondly, one must ask what kind of demented – or rather, perverted – priest can allow two lesbians to stand in front of the altar and the congregation and state that they believe everything that the church believes and profess everything that the church professes and pretend he believes what they say. 

There isn’t much to say here: this is how the Church of Bergoglio sanctions abominations under the disguise of “mercy” at all costs; only in isolated cases at the beginning, and more and more frequently in future, so that if this disgraceful papacy is allowed to continue it is not at all unthinkable that in five or ten years time such exercises will be the norm, and every fag and dyke in the land will feel authorised to be extremely incensed should a priest deny the baptism to the child, or the confirmation to them.

For the record: I think such a baptism is madness. It would be a madness even if the godfathers were Catholics of unimpeachable credentials; but in this case the godparents seem to be friends of the “family”, so they are perverts by association, full stop. That one of them is supposed to be Ms Kirchner already says it all about what is going on here.

The sacraments only have sense if they are given in conformity to the sense and function they have. If everyone should be baptised just because he is born, then I wonder why Francis does not proceed to a declaration of Automatic Universal Baptism of All The Unbelievers In The World Upon Birth and be done with it. At that point, you can give communion to every public adulterer because of the hope some sacramental grace may flow from the desire of the adulterer to receive communion, and give give the sacrament of confirmation to, say, avowed lesbians (I know, it’s absurd; just making a point here… I hope…AAARRRGGHHH!!!)

You will say: “but Mundabor, this is not how it works. You just can’t give baptism automatically to everyone”.

I know, it’s not how it works.

Exactly this is the point.





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  1. It’s not going on just in Argentina. My sister considers herself a devout Catholic and had her second son baptized in the Church. She is also a practicing sodomite who is “married”. The ptaw (person they act out with) adopted both my sisters sons which she had as a result of artificial insemination. The Church, a Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, knew exactly what the situation was…and even wrote the hypenized name on their baptismal certificates. My parents, who think they are also devout Catholics, and entire family were there for the “celebration.” I was the only one who did not attend and remain to this day the only person (that I know of) in the entire sphere of family and friends who does not go along with my sister’s destructive life. So this scenario, sadly is more common than not. Cry for our Church…and cry for the innocent children destroyed by this evil. God bless~

    • You are a beautiful Christian, Maggycast.
      I know you pray for your sister and you other relatives.
      We know there is ample recompense for every price we have to pay on this earth for being faithful to Christ.


  2. Mr. M, this recently happened in my Church. Two lesbians with twin girls conceived by a donor ask for baptism and it was done by one of our Deacons and approved by the Pastor. At the time I thought it was the right thing to do because the situation wasn’t the infants fault, but I do see your point. My hope was that maybe, just maybe, the Holy Spirit would bring one of these ladies to their senses and break up this ridicules arrangement. I can hope and pray, right? Now with this Pope, my fear is that this couple may return someday and ask to be married because, after all, you permitted the sacrament of Baptism, why not the sacrament of Matrimony? My Pastor opened a very dangerous door.

    • heavens, it’s worse than I thought!

      It’s never the infant’s fault. This does not make of the infant automatically a Christian. Baptism presupposes being raised as a Christian. People who think one will be saved just because he has been baptised are deluded in a very dangerous way. Actually, if the baptism was valid (you must ask a Canonist for these extreme cases) the poor infant is, as a baptised Catholic, put in a more difficult position, because as Christian and catholic he will have very special duties (like mass attendance) for which invincible ignorance might either not be invoked, or only invoked under the pretense that one was, actually, never a Catholic.


  3. I also had no idea it was this common. Guess it pays to go to a traditional Church and have relatives who are mostly conservative Evangelicals…

    This case obviously is even worse than those above because there is the “gay propaganda” sign. It is being done as propaganda and told to the media beforehand as propaganda.

  4. Thank you Mundy…you made me cry. This is pretty much one of the hardest things I have ever had to endure…losing everyone…but like you said, it is worth it…not only for the recompense but for the salvation of their souls and most especially, for Him. God bless~

    • Oh, I did not know it was as bad as that, I thought you still had an amicable relationship with your parents at the very least. The more merit in what you are doing, Maggycast.
      We must thank, for this too, the Francis “who am I to judge” mentality, and all those like the Bishop of Rome unhappily reigning.
      Heaven sees everything. It sees you, your relatives, the priests and bishops, and the … Bishop of Rome.
      God bless you.

    • maggycast, if I may, please know that you are not alone in this. I suffer the very same thing in my family. If you stand up for the truth regarding abortion and homosexuality, you will be ridiculed and isolated – it’s our cross. My sister in Christ, be assured of my prayers. Please pray for me as well.

    • And be assured of mine, too.
      It is good that readers exchange their experiences here, I think it will give great courage to others.

  5. Your situation will help me pray even more, for the Rosary crusade, and for the suffering family members such as you. I will keep you in my Rosary.

  6. Above comment was for Maggycast. God bless you!

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