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Loving The Camera

Sweeter than the smell of the sheep...

And it came to pass the Bishop of Rome was supposed to act as confessor, in order to encourage people to avail themselves of a sacrament for which in his own personal “off-the-cuff” theology there seem to be no need; still, a laudable initiative in itself, as it goes towards putting a partial patch over the mess Francis himself causes with his reckless talk about salvation through following one's conscience, and being a mafioso as a requirement for going to hell.

The only problem in that is that a confessional is a rather discreet place, and the photo-op would not have been so good.

And then the man sees acamera lens, and another confessional, and promptly seizes the moment; once again showing to us devout fans what a humbling effect a camera lens has on him. The world, which loves these little stunts, is pleasantly surprised. The Pope goes to confession! You don't say?! But wait, was he not infallible? Or is that infrangible? And look, he asked to be confessed by a simple priest! I thought it had to be a Cardinal Archbishop! At least! …. Whatever…..What a man of the people! He doesn't judge gays, you know…

Another day. Another step towards decline and persecution. Another camera lens. Another cheap papal stunt.

With all his shortcomings, boy, how I miss Benedict…




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