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April’s Fool!

Yes, of course it was an April's fool!

Or do you think that you would be informed that the Bishop of Rome, the most Modernist tool in the land east of the Pampas, would put himself on his way to conversion on… April 1!? Really?

What shall I say: I commend the innocence of those who have believed it. Albeit hooks and sinks also come to mind…

I must admit: it was fun. My apologies to all those whose comments I had to hold back, lest they spoil the party too soon…

Still, even this little joke tell us something, in fact, rather serious, and to be reflected upon with due sadness.

We live in such disgraceful times, that a Pope expressing himself as he should is, in fact, an April's fool joke.


April’s Fool

Well, It’s April’s Fool now.

Finally, An Orthodox Pope?


"Surprised, uh?"

“Surprised, uh?”



I have been a vocal critic of this Pontiff whenever I thought it was necessary, but I must say perhaps (just perhaps) we are seeing the end of the tunnel here. 

In yesterday’s homily, the Pontiff has invited the present to

“eliminate our non-Christian ways of acting: sodomy, abortion, adultery, fornication, because they can lead us straight to hell, no?”

I am not sure about the constant use of those rhetorical questions (it must be an Argentinian thing), but I do approve of every word. It is to my knowledge the first time the Pope condemns abortion and fornication openly and unmistakably, and the reference to adultery is a very good sign concerning the Extraordinary Synod in October.

I also liked the other part, when  – speaking of the Blessed Virgin – he called her “Virgin most wise” and “Throne of wisdom”. It seems to me that he is preparing to backpedal from his astonishing affirmations about the Blessed Virgin being “perhaps” tempted to cry “Lies” and complain of being deceived upon seeing our Lord on the Cross.

Well, early days. One swallow does not a summer make. Still, it cannot be excluded the man has decided to spend some time near some pious, non-Jesuit man of God and learn some sound Catholicism.

As they say in Argentina, it’s never too late.




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