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Everybody Dance Now!

The bishop had a party

Yes, it isn't a fake.

Yes, it's a Sedevacantist site. [edit: no, it isn't!]

Yes, it happened in Benedict's time.

Francis did not come out suddenly out of nowhere.

Bad things happen and everyone thinks it can be kept out of control.

Until one fine evening of March 2013 the crap hits the fan. Then everyone says “oh, things were so fine with Benedict!”. No they weren't. There were a lot of mavericks around. But thinking about it coolly, with benedict's “it will pass” mentality it was only a matter of time until one would become Pope, because Benedict did not keep the Mavericks out of the red hats, at all.


The Miracle Of The Camera, 2014.

Breaking News!

We now know why Francis never kneels in front of the Altar:

He has a problem with kneeling…

I mean, unless there is a camera around…


The camera caused him to be healed!

A miracle! A miracle!


P.s. The priest in the confessional has an eerily resemblance to Monsignor Ricca, though rather a bit younger. A coincidence, no doubt.


“Seeking The Lord” Is Francis’ New Religion

Wants to have his child baptised? Where's the problem?

I have written some days ago about the Argentinian lesbians now about to have “their” child baptised in the presence of the satanical Mrs Kirchner. The “confirmation” of the dykes was also announced.

Some press sources now state the confirmation will not happen, and one of the dykes has spoken with the press about it without authorisation. This means, I think, that the priest has tried to avoid being punched on the nose by the dyke saying vague words like “we'll see if you both are ready”, and the dyke has thought as they are obviously ready, it's a done deal. Anyway, I can't imagine even a dyke inventing two confirmations without any reason to do so.

Therefore, the situation appears – if the news was no April Fool's joke: online publication is 31 March, perhaps for print publication on the 1 April – to be as follows: the two “parents” are deemed to be unfit for confirmation, and therefore unsuitable to ground a solid hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic faith. Of the – as far as I know – three godparents, one is Mrs Kirchner who is there merely as attention whore, another is a friend of the “family”, of the third I do not know anything.

How can one, then, be so naive as to think that the child has any realistic chance to be raised in the proper way?

Will Mrs Kirchner regularly visit the couple to teach the child Catholicism? What kind of Catholicism would that, pray, be?

Will the “friend of the family” go in the education of the child frontally against his own conviction, as one who is “friend” with dykes living in sin clearly has no problem with what they do?

Will the unknown third godparent, assuming he is orthodox, be allowed to teach the child something as blatantly in contrast with the dyke's “morality” in their own home? If you believe this, there's nothing you can't believe if you want to.

If anything, in this absurd matter the news that the absurd confirmation of the two dykes will (might) not take place highlights even more the absurdity of baptisms given not only for the asking, but clearly serving an homosexual agenda; either because those who consent to it are perverts themselves, or because they are so uncaring for Christ that they would simply do everything that advances their own popularity.

But what we are really seeing is something different: a perversion of Catholicism, fuelled from the highest place, in which “seeking the Lord” is the only requirement. Strangely enough, Mafiosi aren't allowed to go on and hope in Salvation if they “seek the Lord”, but dykes and fags can, no questions asked.

This thinking is so secular, you know it has Francis written all over it. For a Christian, though, wilful murder and sin of the Sodomites belong in the same ballpark; and one could even add that most Mafiosi go through life without ever executing, ordering or witnessing a murder – the Mafia is not a street gang in Los Angeles or Naples – whereas sodomites tend to have an extremely high number of sodomy acts with a multitude of perverts like them.

But no: in Francis' new religion there is no place for Catholicism. Bring on the dykes, there's a good photo-op for the likes of Francis.

Beware of the wolves.



Francis Is Very Difficult To Be Pleased… By Catholics.

It appears that our oh so merciful Bus Passenger In Chief is not easily pleased… with us Catholics.

If you are a lukewarm Catholic he will call you a number of names, among them lazy ass (he will not say that, talking of sloth instead; but everyone gets the gist) and he will make clear to you how much you must move your backside at once. Even going to Mass every Sunday will not be enough; because you see, the same man not worried that people die in their atheism feels the need to read the Leviticus to you if your Mass attendance isn't spirited enough.

You would think, then, that being an orthodox Catholic is something that might please the man: a zealous defender of the Faith not only punctually attending to Mass at least every Sunday, but doing it with love for the Lord and His Church; the same love which prompts him to be a vocal defender of the Faith outside of the church building, and an all-round decent Christian chap. But no, he does not like them, either. He does not like them at all. He calls them all sorts of names, questions their sincerity, mocks their way of praying, despises their desire to give a good example and to be seen as living a Christian life. In Francis' world, good people are just hypocrites.

So, if you are zealous you are criticised, and if you are lukewarm you are criticised too. If you are very bad, you will be just fine, then God only wants to forgive you, ah, uh, no?

What must one do, then, to get Francis' sympathy? I think I know the answer: you must be an atheist, a homosexual, or anyone else who doesn't give a fig for Our Lord and His Church and is very sinful but has a social agenda. If you are such a chap he will immediately put you among the excellent people,like the “good Marxists” he loves to praise; he will please you in every possible way, give you interviews, invite your journalists in the Vatican for one of the many cover stories, and will suddenly – which he does not dream of doing with both the zealous and the lukewarm – adopt the “who am I to judge?” attitude.

Smell of sainthood, and Francis will call you a hypocrite. Smell of s…heep, and you will be his hero.

We must realise that this is the thinking of one who really, really dorsn't care a straw for Christ, Catholicism or the Church. To him, they are merely accessories to a social ideology that is his true religion, and to which his allegiance goes. When you realise Francis ticks in this way, you start to understand much more of what he goes around saying.

And the most infuriating thing is that this man is either so stupid or so arrogant that he does not care in the least for a minimum of coherence in what he says. The “who am I to judge” guy is the most obnoxious, petty rompiscatole of the planet in the minutest things, for example criticising people if they don't smile at him in the right way, and adding further indelicate remarks like telling to people they must not “smile like flight attendants”, or to nun that they must not “be old maids”.

Francis shoots every day with the crap cannon, and says things that would have everyone else constantly ridiculed, and the butt of worldwide jokes in no time. He is so superficial, so fond of platitudes, so full of his third-rate intellect that he wouldn't survive a debate I do not say with a Bishop Fellay, but with every smart and well instructed boy of fifteen. You listen to him and wonder how on heck this man was allowed to become a priest.

But he is the Pope and, most crucially, he tells to the world what the world wants to hear; what the world, in fact, delights in hearing from a Pope, one who should be a great spiritual leader and is content with being the main attraction in the secular circus that praises him.

Come all in, ladies and gentlemen. Today our main clown Francis The Merciful will produce himself in his main number, the feat that has made him famous worldwide: bashing Catholics as he exalts Atheists, Muslims, Jews, and Socialists of various shades of red. You, young woman, are you an atheist? What about that gentleman over there? And you, that lady with the veil, you must surely follow the Koran?

Come on in, dear ladies and gentlemen!

I assure you, you will be pleased.



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