Everybody Dance Now!

The bishop had a party

Yes, it isn't a fake.

Yes, it's a Sedevacantist site. [edit: no, it isn't!]

Yes, it happened in Benedict's time.

Francis did not come out suddenly out of nowhere.

Bad things happen and everyone thinks it can be kept out of control.

Until one fine evening of March 2013 the crap hits the fan. Then everyone says “oh, things were so fine with Benedict!”. No they weren't. There were a lot of mavericks around. But thinking about it coolly, with benedict's “it will pass” mentality it was only a matter of time until one would become Pope, because Benedict did not keep the Mavericks out of the red hats, at all.


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  1. Tradition In Action is not sedevacantist. They are one of the more hard-core “recognize and resist” sites, to the point where I have seen many mistake them for sedevacantists. But I have never seen them argue for sedevacantism, and several times argue against it.

  2. No doubt more red hatted Mavericks are in the pipeline..but remember that Michael Voris quoted Cardinal Burke before the conclave as saying that we need not worry about which cardinal gets elected because all of the voting cardinals were put there by either Pope John Paul ii or by Pope Benedict. It appears that, inspite of his sincerity and orthodoxy, Cardinal Burke is not exactly the ‘go to’ person when it comes to sizing up his peers.

  3. Mund, unless you know something that I don’t know, TIA isn’t a sede site. See here where they disavow sedevacantism http://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/F023_BelarusInquiry.html

  4. When one scratches beneath the surface one quickly realizes that there were MAJOR issues with Ratzinger/Benedict….sad but true.

    “…Again, it is Pope Benedict, not Pope Francis, who owns Rosmini, however, from his rehabilitation by the CDF, through his beatification as Pope…”


  5. Where is the fly swatter? So annoying those jitterbug Catholics.

  6. The “Nuns For Abortion” types of groups operated without much fear of Benedict, because Benedict didn’t want to alienate their sympathizers nor the anti-authority crowd. The desire for having big numbers of Catholics is what allowed the poison into the Church. Worldly popularity is the exactly wrong goal to have, yet that has been the goal for many years.

  7. Is there a video of this “performing group”? It’s hard to think of them as religious or clergy.

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