“Seeking The Lord” Is Francis’ New Religion

Wants to have his child baptised? Where's the problem?

I have written some days ago about the Argentinian lesbians now about to have “their” child baptised in the presence of the satanical Mrs Kirchner. The “confirmation” of the dykes was also announced.

Some press sources now state the confirmation will not happen, and one of the dykes has spoken with the press about it without authorisation. This means, I think, that the priest has tried to avoid being punched on the nose by the dyke saying vague words like “we'll see if you both are ready”, and the dyke has thought as they are obviously ready, it's a done deal. Anyway, I can't imagine even a dyke inventing two confirmations without any reason to do so.

Therefore, the situation appears – if the news was no April Fool's joke: online publication is 31 March, perhaps for print publication on the 1 April – to be as follows: the two “parents” are deemed to be unfit for confirmation, and therefore unsuitable to ground a solid hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic faith. Of the – as far as I know – three godparents, one is Mrs Kirchner who is there merely as attention whore, another is a friend of the “family”, of the third I do not know anything.

How can one, then, be so naive as to think that the child has any realistic chance to be raised in the proper way?

Will Mrs Kirchner regularly visit the couple to teach the child Catholicism? What kind of Catholicism would that, pray, be?

Will the “friend of the family” go in the education of the child frontally against his own conviction, as one who is “friend” with dykes living in sin clearly has no problem with what they do?

Will the unknown third godparent, assuming he is orthodox, be allowed to teach the child something as blatantly in contrast with the dyke's “morality” in their own home? If you believe this, there's nothing you can't believe if you want to.

If anything, in this absurd matter the news that the absurd confirmation of the two dykes will (might) not take place highlights even more the absurdity of baptisms given not only for the asking, but clearly serving an homosexual agenda; either because those who consent to it are perverts themselves, or because they are so uncaring for Christ that they would simply do everything that advances their own popularity.

But what we are really seeing is something different: a perversion of Catholicism, fuelled from the highest place, in which “seeking the Lord” is the only requirement. Strangely enough, Mafiosi aren't allowed to go on and hope in Salvation if they “seek the Lord”, but dykes and fags can, no questions asked.

This thinking is so secular, you know it has Francis written all over it. For a Christian, though, wilful murder and sin of the Sodomites belong in the same ballpark; and one could even add that most Mafiosi go through life without ever executing, ordering or witnessing a murder – the Mafia is not a street gang in Los Angeles or Naples – whereas sodomites tend to have an extremely high number of sodomy acts with a multitude of perverts like them.

But no: in Francis' new religion there is no place for Catholicism. Bring on the dykes, there's a good photo-op for the likes of Francis.

Beware of the wolves.



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  1. I am under the understanding this illicit baptism is still happening. Apparently they had a hearing with Argentine Bishop Carlos Ñáñez and he gave permission. In fact they even give all the credit to Newchurch Pope Bergoglio! According to local church sources this baptism “would have been much more difficult if Jorge Bergoglio were not the Pope.” I guess we will find out soon enough as the baptism is scheduled for tomorrow.

  2. Hello. I’m sure you know that the CEO of Mozilla/Firefox was forced out in a politically-correct witch hunt this week because he opposed homosexual marriage. As everything in the Western world is run by liberal bigotry, WordPress will eventually shut down your blog. They will do it without warning, so everything will be forever lost unless you are making regular backups.

    • I have read. I do not have much sympathy for the man, though. As far as I know, he preferred to cave in and resign from an unpaid position rather than take a stand.
      Yes, the Gaystapo is getting more and more aggressive.
      This is the result of not wanting to call them faggots.
      No, really.

    • I took what you wrote about WordPress seriously and will start to educate myself about the “back up” things.


    • Many thanks for your other message, bigfred!


  3. And the filhty dykes even kissed in the church , see the disgusting picture:


    the church was full of transexuals,dykes and perverts of all stripe.. the sheeps whose smell Bergoglio finds so endearing… Jesus Mercy!

  4. Here is ex-CEO of Mozilla Eich toadying to the forces of political correctness on his own blog:

    includjng bragging about his co-operation with a lesbian activist Lukas Blakk. All of his butt kissing didn’t keep him from getting forced out, though.

    • This is why I have not written a blog post to defend the guy. One sees the turncoat from the window…

    • It was never my intention to defend Eich, It most certainly was my intention to proclaim everywhere the news of this blatant act of liberal bigotry.

      It is heartening to read the tidal wave of comments condemning Mozilla at Mozilla’s site:

      I encourage all your readers to add their own. Feedback link is at the top. is it possible the tide is turning?

    • I think it will take some time before the tide turns.

      But it is in the nature of these idiots to push things too far. At some point, the self-healing mechanisms of a free society should start to work properly.


      P.s. I read all your messages with great interest.

      Let me tell only this: all is not as it seems… 😉


  5. It seems that Pope Francis was allowing baptism of an infant with transgender parent in his cathedral in Argentina in 2012. This video is from Gloria.tv and clicking on the group baptism portrait starts the video.

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