The Miracle Of The Camera, 2014.

Breaking News!

We now know why Francis never kneels in front of the Altar:

He has a problem with kneeling…

I mean, unless there is a camera around…


The camera caused him to be healed!

A miracle! A miracle!


P.s. The priest in the confessional has an eerily resemblance to Monsignor Ricca, though rather a bit younger. A coincidence, no doubt.


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  1. Mundabor, I told you already once and now for a second time: my hat off for you! I LOVE your way REVELING such OBVIOUS TRUTH, that nobody else had noticed…

    What A LIE… about his sciatica!!! If you rally have a sciatica, you are not able do what he has done!!! KNEELING IS OUT OF QUESTION…

    Do we have the pope who lies, while going to confession ???

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