40 Megabytes Of Catholicism Without Compromise.

The "Lubjanka" as it appeared until 1940.

The “Lubjanka” as it appeared until 1940. This was known as the tallest building in Russia, because one could see Siberia from its basement…


I have just managed to make a manual back-up of the content of this blog in my computer (both the physical hard drive and a USB key), in case the Gaystapo calls for a boycott of WordPress unless they sanitise their platform and they decide to cancel my blog.

WordPress has created a so-called .xml file.

This file is supposed to contain all the text (including the links) of this blog, that is: no photos and no videos (but probably the link to the external videos, I should say, as when you see a video I have merely posted a link).

The entire content (the posts themselves, the special posts that WordPress calls “pages”, and the comments) amount to 40 Megabytes. In my inexperience I should think all texts have gone there and the files have been properly saved, because in my book 40 MB might not look much in a video (I doubt you would want to see “The Life of Brian” in a 40MB file) but they must surely allow one to read for a while. 

This means that – if I remember to regularly backup the blog, which is to be hoped – in case of sudden Gaystapo-induced censorship mania yours truly would be able to replicate his blog on a more decent server. 

Not “Blogger”, very probably. They belong to  Google, which means to think one can find asylum there would be like a Moscow anticommunist circa 1937 seeking asylum in a building he thinks a foreign embassy, and discovering it is called “Lubjanka”. Rather, I would seek some other free service unafraid of anonymous content. 

The persecution is probably coming. How harsh and for how long, we do not know – democracies have rather remarkable self-healing mechanisms; but only after a while – but it might well be coming.

If and when it comes, it will be because of all those idiots who, well knowing what atrocious perversion certain types of behaviour are, have preferred to be “inclusive” and “tolerant”, and to be the first to take the word “homophobic” in their mouth to insult Christians.

The “Lubjanka” is rather away from us for now. For the moment, a backup is enough. But stay vigilant, and stop treating faggots as if they had a “human right” not to be called the perverts they are; which you can do only in one way: calling them “faggots”. 



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  1. Let’s recall that the Obama-loving liberal bigots at google put up their “Rainbow” protest banner during the Winter Olympics because the Russians don’t allow deviants to propagandize to children.

    The perverts now are in control of public censorship these days, under the guise of being oppressed victims.

  2. ** For Big Fred only **

    I never ever send emails related to this blog. Not even to you, as you have noticed 😉

    I am aware of the general issues. I have been trusting VPN services for a while, just for the fun of it and because I don’t like the idea of Barry O nosing on my communications regardless.

    They are fine I suppose? I have been a fan for some time now. Reasonably fast, too. Also for the mobile phone, and again: very pleased with speed and simplicity of service. A fundamental democratic liberty, I think.

    TOR I always found too slow, and not enough safe unless all the setting in the browser are the right ones, which is time consuming to educate oneself about.


  3. All saints are an example , but for worldly preparation for hard times, how about St Nicolas Owen?

  4. “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.”

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