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Sister’s article evoked a certain imagery



The more I stumble upon Tablet articles, the more I wonder what on earth lets these people think they are Catholics.

Courtesy of the Pewsitter – a Catholic news aggregator run by people actually caring for orthodoxy, and infinitely better than the well-intentioned but irredeemably tame, diabetes-inducing and at times outright Pollyann-ish service of the New Advent – I have now been informed of this latest piece of utter nonsense, in which a woman who was apparently once made a religious sister fully espouses Jimmy Carter’s position in preference to the obviously backward one of… probably the most subversive Pope in history.

To read the article is an unreal experience. I wonder how many Presbyterians would ask that the Only Church “ordains” women – as if such a thing were possible at all -. But no, not only this one here might even think she is a Catholic, but she also writes – at the very end of her “bio” page – that she is a religious sister! And she does not meddle only with Catholics, either! She wants female Rabbis and Muezzins, too!

If anyone had said to my grandmother that one day religious sisters would have gone around saying that “Jesus fully embraced gender equality”, she would have asked him to not make such offensive jokes about religious sisters; obviously, though, only after having “gender equality” explained to her; a concept that Jesus allegedly “fully embraced”, but clearly no one knew anything about before a bunch of faggots and dykes decided to make a lot of noise, and an army of bleeding hearts and omega males (note to the reader: the emasculation of the Western male is at the very root of today’s “gender” madness even among non religious people) decided to espouse their “cause”.

It is sad to think that whilst people openly, publicly impugning the known Truth – a sin against the Holy Ghost – are allowed to remain Catholics in good standing, the good friars and sisters of the FFI are put under Francis’ oh so merciful steamroller. But hey, who is he not to judge them?

I wish Sister What’s-Her-Name repentance and the grace of a happy death; but – judging from both the photo and the writing – this is no spring chicken anymore, and so hardened in sin that a turnaround can be reasonably called very improbable. The woman bears such strong signs of reprobation, it is shocking and almost scary to read her. It is, in fact, nothing else than shocking to know there are people around who not only think in this way – a thought terrifying enough if you are mindful of its ultimate consequences – but have their heresies published in a media outlet with the gall to call itself Catholic.

The devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

This here looketh like an easy prey.







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  1. The prey in these cases are quite willing, with a big “come get me’ sign suspended from their necks. It’s probably the deep-conscious inspiration for why vampire legends say that a vampire cannot enter a dwelling unless invited.

  2. What bothers me most about ‘sister’ and her type, is that she lives on the donations of Catholics; even her education and dubious doctorate were very probably paid for by the very Church she disparages. The Church needs to begin a policy of treating employees the way other companies do. Since she’s obviously doing advertising for some other creed, she needs to be freed with a generous 2 week severance pay and allowed to find a job elsewhere. Although a lot of companies don’t like traitors so it may take her a bit more than 2 weeks. Maybe Jimmy Carter would hire her…

    • Yes, absolutely.
      Old women who have saved all their lives and have left legacies to the nuns are rewarded so, that their efforts now feeds the very minions of Satan.


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