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Is The Pope A Jesuit?

Oh well, if he said so...

For some reason, not everyone took the Pope’s words at face value…




“Soon, soon”

This is the answer Francis allegedly gave to the request of the parents Manelli, with six among their children members of the order.

The request was:

“Holy Father, we have nine children, six of whom are consecrated among the Franciscans of the Immaculate. We beg you, take them out of the sepulchre.”

Now, what this means should not be difficult to understand: the persecution of the FFI will “soon, soon” come to an end.

Only, the Bishop of Rome is a Jesuits, and to Jesuits words mean what he want them to mean in the moment.

Therefore, it might well mean that the FFI are about to be – say – merged with old Sixty-Eighters of some other dying but still numerous order, or forced to adopt a lax rule, or forbidden from celebrating the Traditional Mass, or a lot of other evil things.

All of them meaning, for the Jesuit Pope, that the FFI have been taken out of the sepulchre of Neo-Pelagianism, bi-dimensional holy card attitude  and – horror! – rosary-counting that was afflicting them, and preventing the “Spirit” from operating in them.

Obviously, it can also meanFrancis has decided this is a battle he cannot win and it is better to get some neocon to believe in his conservative credentials by putting an end to the Volpi-treatment than to have this thorn in his side for the rest of his pontificate.

Most probably – says yours truly – Francis was simply doing what he does all the time: agree with his interlocutor now and never care tomorrow of the rubbish he has said today. He might stop the persecution of the FFI if he sees the price is too high. But in this, what he has said to the Manelli parents will probably play no role. They wanted to hear something, he was happy to oblige. 

Was it so? We do not know.

Generally, Francis does not know what he says himself. How can we?


Uganda: “Aid” Gaystapo At Work.

And it came to pass an American working for some kind of medical research institute in Uganda was arrested because suspected, after days of investigation, of both sodomitical behaviour and pro-homosexual propaganda. As a result, the organisation employing the alleged sod announced the suspension of all their activities in the country.

Yours truly would like to make a couple of observations.

1. Only an organisation dominated by fags can send – or allow to remain – a sodomite in a country where his behaviour is – and rightly so; it was so in all Christian Countries as long as they remained… Christian – punished with jail terms, and long-ish ones at that. These people think that just because they bring Western money the laws of the land will not apply to them. Every sensible employer would have asked to the man in question – I am assuming here they not only know, but approve of his inversion – whether it's not better to examine moving to another country, or refrain from inverted behaviour if he wants to stay. I very much doubt this has happened; rather, the impression is engendered they thought the position of the man gave him some sort of de facto immunity. Which is, by the way, exactly what they are demanding now by suspending their work.

2. I thought these people worked selflessly for the community. I thought they were moved by high ideals. I thought they considered it normal that the laws of the land are,min principle, respected. They wouldn't send women in conservative Arabic countries with uncovered head, would they now? The country punishes faggotry? Send there some darn heteros, then! Does it take a genius? Unless, of course, the real aim is not to advance medical research, but to advance faggotry instead. Which one is very much led to suspect.

I truly hope Uganda will not cave in to the economic pressure and will insist in a vigorous defence of Christian values, denouncing the false philanthropy of those whose only aim is to corrupt poor foreign Countries with the excuse of “Aid”. I would love to be able to tell you that the Ugandan government will not cave in to economic pressure; but In the end, who knows.

Let us pray that the turning of the tide will come soon and, as already seen in recent years with the global warming madness, at some point the pendulum will start swinging the other way.



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