Sweden Rapes Itself

Sweden's future.

And it came to pass in a Swedish discussion forum some people dared to… express their opinion and say the senseless immigration policy of that disgraceful country must come to an end.

The bitchy eunuchs of a Swedish magazine then proceeded to engage the services of a hacker, who managed to extract from “disqus” – the software platform used by the forum – the email addresses used by the posters. This was enough to identify the “culprits”, who were there “shamed” in front of the other eunuchs, amidst high-pitched cries of excitement. The security risk for the people involved is real, but eunuchs can be notoriously bitchy, so they don't care.

Now where I live there are several criminal offences in such behaviour – against Disqus and the posters alike -, and in fact even in this utterly perverted, sodomy-celebrating Country freedom of expression is still written rather large, and we have just gone through a huge mess – and jail sentences – just because of this kind of journalistic intrusion. Not so in Sweden, where apparently – I do not live there – the criminal law profile of the “hate speech” prevails over the spionage into people's lives, and to my knowledge the journalists involved still have breakfast in their own kitchen rather than – as it would be the case in a Mundabor's Sweden – in the jail's refectory pending investigation. The eunuchs in question are on the side of the Muslims, you see, and therefore on the safe side.

This from the background – that I have also read cursorily around – of a massive immigration of Muslims in the country, with the predictable effect of a chill sharia-wind now blowing and, apparently, also linked to an explosion of the number of rapes, for which Sweden is now allegedly a leading force in the statistics of the West. It would also appear the immigration of such a crowd led to the explosion of street violence and social unrest unknown in the history of a historically peaceful Country.

More background: this is apparently also a country so emasculated that it considers “discrimination” to have different prices for men's barbers and women's coiffeurs, with the absurd result that prices for both sexes must be the same; or, if you prefer to put it another way, it is considered sexual discrimination that Yul Brinner and Rita Hayworth pay different prices for their hair care.

If this is true, you can imagine the amount of effeminacy going around in this country; a people who have reduced themselves to such a degree of sissidom that they can't even resist being massively ripped off by women whenever they go to the barber will obviously be entirely unable to even think of keeping in their place – or block the ingress; or kick out those who are in already – a massive number of angry Muslims; Muslims to whom a country of eunuchs of this sort must seem, forgetting for a moment that they are actually Muslims, like Christmas and New Year. Sweden is the ideal bridgehead for them. Fortress Europe has its Swedish gates open, and “Allah u Akbar” written above them. I doubt the project will ever succeed – this level of extreme sissidom is a Nordic thing – but it's no good news anyway.

I remember writing once about the Swedish court that had ruled a Swedish mosque had the right to send up the muezzin in the early morning and wake everybody up. I wrote then that a country reducing itself to such a degree of effeminacy and Un-Christian stupidity deserves to pay the consequences of its own madness.

I say the same today: a country unable to switch on its collective brain deserves what it has brought upon itself: unrest, slavery, and rape.

Have your street burning and your car destroyed, Sweden. Have your women raped. Have your freedom of speech abolished everytime it conflicts with Sharia Law. Have your muezzin wake you up every morning. It serves you right. You deserve no better. You are reaping the fruit of your madness. You threw yourself out of the balcony, and now you have no right to complain the pavement is hard.

Get raped, Sweden.

Or switch your brains on.



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  1. Yep….this is where we are all heading, Mundabor. The liberal politically correct people are brain-dead. They are all so enlightened and want equality for all (except the pesky orthodox Catholics who are so barbaric and behind the times) that they just don’t see the wood for the trees. We won’t be getting much liberal political correctness and equality under Islam. I am waiting for the point when it clicks that it’s pretty difficult to be non-Islamophobic and non-homophobic at the same time. Another fine mess they’ve got us into! And Sweden/Denmark etc might be a few years ahead of us in this….but that’s all it is. We are heading in the same direction.

    • The consolation would be that the bunch of homos now defending Islam would be the one screwed hardest. Poetic justice at work. But no, I do not believe we will come to this point in the UK. An attempt to consider a criminal offence the condemnation of sexual behaviour was thwarted in – if memory serves – 2006, and last year the libel law was amended to take account of ferocious mockery and satire, which are still allowed.

      The newspaper give much space to single events – like the street preached arrested for some hours by some stupid policemen, which in the meantime has cost the taxpayers thousands of pounds in compensation – but in general this is no Germany, which is really worrying – do you remember “Kath.net”? –


  2. The same applies for Britain:

    Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs
    Solicitors told how to draw up Sharia-style wills penalising widows and non-believers


    • That’s a very different matter. It is merely a set of – stupid – guidelines suggesting how to make wills compliant with existing rules.
      For example, AFAIK (the article seems to confirm) in the UK there is in principle no Pflichtteil; therefore, a Muslim was never prevented from leaving everything as he pleases.
      In addition, the way a Muslim organises his money is in principle not my problem; if he tells me how to organise mine, or threatens me for criticising him, of inflicts his damned Muezzin to me, well then it’s different.


  3. Kath.net???

    And yes, exactly, the ones who would be in biggest trouble under Muslim rule would be all the liberals (gay or otherwise). It’s like Turkeys looking forward to Christmas. The stupidity is breathtaking.

  4. I, for one, pray for a Mundabor’s Sweden. Soon may he arise and long may he reign and may his enemies be confounded! Dare we hope for a Mundabor’s Europe as well?

  5. I have thought for quite some time that it would be great for a country like Sweden to go up in flames and then down into complete chaos. Then the other countries of the West would have a clear and unmistakable example of where political correctness leads to. Until such an example actually takes place, the liberals can still convince the masses that liberalism has good results.

    Or maybe Holland would be a better choice.

    Ideally, the few good and decent people would escape before the worst happens.

  6. I’d be frankly delighted with most European nations going up in smoke. They’re all overridden by sodomites and it would serve them right to be conquered by the Mohammedans.

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