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I have refrained from defending Mr Eich, the CEO elect of Firefox. I have refrained to do so because mr Eich – who as far as I know does not earn money from Firefox and could therefore easily afford to be outspoken – put Firefox before his convictions and decided to resign rather than cause a very public mess about Firefox ousting him – or not, at that point, as the case may be -.

But with Firefox it's different.

Firefox has now acquired Starbucks-Status in their sodomitical madness. The software developers who have started this mess need to find another hobby. We must react to this Nazi thinking, that is exactly the contrary of what every decent person should stand for.

Like Starbucks and like Barilla, Firefox must be made to pay their madness on this earth before their owners and accomplices are made to pay it in the next.

This chap here says it beautifully, though no, it is also a matter of defence of Christian values, so blatantly attacked.

There are a lot of browsers out there, for desktop computers and mobile devices, and it does not have to be Internet Explorer, either.

Use your browser to select one or two of the others. Then kill that fox like a good English hound would.

Uninstall Firefox. Say it around. Don't let them get away with it.



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  1. It is possible to block Firefox-users from reading your blog, redirecting them to http://whyfirefoxisblocked.com/

    I haven’t yet worked out how to block Starbucks customers…

  2. Hello Mundy!

    I have removed the Firefox from my PC’s henhouse. But would you please suggest another spaghetti other than Barilla? A brand that is satisfying to heterosexuals? I want that my noodles are al dente and not overly limp and soggy upon their baptism in boiling water.

    Thanking you in advance.

    “Vaya LiLo!”

  3. Thanks for pointing this out, Mundabor! We already avoid Starbucks —and all manner of commerce that promotes/supports the homo agenda and other perversions– like the plague. And I’ll certainly let others know why, you bet!

    God bless!

  4. I will be dumping FF into the toilet where it belongs today. Unfortunately, there is a time consuming transition period. Prager (in the cited article) suggests a derivative of FF called Pale Moon, which means at least that the FF identifying string won’t show up when you visit a website. It’s important that the liberal bigots at Mozilla know that masses of people are actually not using FF anymore and not just talking. Mozilla will absolutely be looking at usage statistics.

    Another derivative is Waterfox. People can switch to either of those derivatives and see little or no difference in using the browser. That gives time to switch to a wholly different browser, with Opera being probably the best choice and spy-ridden Chrome from ultra-liberal google the worst.

    But any choice besides FF is necessary so that the message is heard.

  5. Mundabor, I installed a code on my website that prevents anyone with firefox from using it. Here it is if you want it:

    var is_firefox = /firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent)

    A nice extra step. Also, as you may now know, the people responsible for getting Mr. Eich to resign received their information from the Internal Revenue Service. At what point do we boycott them?

    There’s a woman in Colorado who has given up her very prosperous business, has had all her accounts seized by the IRS and will ultimately lose her freedom for ‘boycotting’ the taxman. She’s on solid ground, scripturally and historically. She’s an ardent, fiery Catholic who challenged me to look into the teachings of the church, and I converted, as a result. Her name is Ann Barnhardt. She’s made quite a name for herself, by creating videos of her burning pages of the Koran. (Pages that were bookmarked with bacon.)
    You can find out all about that on her website, and many other things.

    • I lost you at “code”, but hope others will read and put in practice.
      I did not know it was even possible to say to a visitor “wrong browser, try again”…

    • By the way, I do not support at all “boycotting the taxman”. If one wants to go to jail, fine. But he shouldn’t say a system in unfair because it puts in jail people who don’t pay taxes.


  6. Let’s take a very brief look at the alternatives, shall we?

    There is Chrome by Google. Google is spreading Sodomy all over the world; look up their “Legalize Love” campaign.

    There is Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Microsoft’s founder and (lately informal) leader, Bill Gates, is one of the most powerful and influential individual on the pro-death scene. He’s using his personal mega-foundations for pushing for “Humanistic” (ie. anti-christian) goals all over the world. His father used to be one of the top leaders of Planned Parenthood.

    There is Safari by Apple. Apple is currently leaded by Tim Cook, a self-identified homo, who is also speaking up against “discrimination” (of perverts, of course).

    So it’s not like the others browsers are any better in this regard.

  7. None of the references made sense to me until I read the back story on Eich (through NOM update). I will pass the message on. Kill the fox. And a few others I didn’t know about. Luckily, Starbucks is a flop in Australia. I’ll have to use your comparison site and do some HW on other companies.

  8. “In case, less bad. But now it’s the time to give a lesson to Firefox, not philosophise about the wickedness of the world.”

    100% right. I have been talking on Mozilla’s internal forums about convincing people to drop FF and there is the expected talk there of monitoring usage statistics. At this point, using any browser is better than FF.

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