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No fear of ridicule, that's for sure...

No fear of ridicule, that’s for sure…


The Pope has started a series of talks about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Can’t wait  he arrives to the last:  the fear of the Lord. 


“Faith Driven Consumer” Site


After the Firefox events, I stumbled upon the “Faith Driven Consumer” site.

The way I understand they work is that they put companies in relation to each other in matter of anti – Christian behaviour, allowing the consumer to be informed of alternatives that are at least less bad; which is, when it leads to punishing anti-Christian behaviour, just as good.

In fact, we live in a world that is becoming so corrupt that different companies can only be distinguished by their degree of studity. But even so, it is very useful to know that Apple is considered much worse than Microsoft or Acer, even if these fall short of the mark, too.

By choosing to punish the worst offender, you are already giving your little contribution in what interest these people, or rather their shareholder, most: the bottom line. Profit is a powerful motivator, and as the liberal troops have been using their boycott threats to cow big companies into submission, the same can be done, far more effectively, by the silent majority, actually even when it is not majority anymore.

If we only stopped to be always so darn “nice” to these bastards, and understood that this is not a time for tea and scones, things would change very fast.

I invite my readers to post links to similar sites, and to inform the others about the possibilities we have as informed Christians. Of course they do not have to be Catholic sites. Please also send to me links of sites in other languages like Spanish, French, etc.



Firefox Browser Blocker



If you visit a site like, say, “men are like wine” with Opera, Internet Explorer, or Chrome (or any other) you will be let in without problems. 

But if you try to access it with a Firefox browser you get a site that says “Firefox is blocked for this site” on the title, with the caption ” Due to Mozilla’s policy of intolerance towards those who hold “the wrong views” we have decided to block Firefox from this site. Please consider downloading another browser”.


Unfortunately, for what I can see now this app is only available for WordPress.org, which is the more professional (and not free, and therefore not anonymous) WordPress platform. Yours truly is on wordpress.com (the free, and therefore anonymous one). 

If anyone has ways (that are accessible to people not very versed into these things) to have such a page appear on a WordPress.com site, please give a shout. 

Those of you who use the WordPress.org platform might, on the other hand, be interested in this app. It is called simply “browser blocker” and you can download it from


Enjoy the blocking! 



Christians Helping Brave Christians

Mundabor's Blog

Help marriage, eat cake…

A bakery refuses to bake a cake for a couple of fags wanting to pantomime a God-made institution for their perverted aims.

They say no, as they had done several times in the past. But this time, several death threats follow.

The fags also launch the usual facebook boycott campaign. As a result, the business increases substantially.

 You see, what these cretins do not understand is that the more they agitate the waters, the more people wake up and discover that they have had enough of political correctness, and the time has come to take a stand. And so many honest, if perhaps tepid Christians march to the shop of the brave Christian, and spend money by him. Be assured that when they get out, they are a little less tepid already.

May God bless this brave man and prosper his business, and let us really hope judicial Gaystapo-activism…

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