Firefox Browser Blocker



If you visit a site like, say, “men are like wine” with Opera, Internet Explorer, or Chrome (or any other) you will be let in without problems. 

But if you try to access it with a Firefox browser you get a site that says “Firefox is blocked for this site” on the title, with the caption ” Due to Mozilla’s policy of intolerance towards those who hold “the wrong views” we have decided to block Firefox from this site. Please consider downloading another browser”.


Unfortunately, for what I can see now this app is only available for, which is the more professional (and not free, and therefore not anonymous) WordPress platform. Yours truly is on (the free, and therefore anonymous one). 

If anyone has ways (that are accessible to people not very versed into these things) to have such a page appear on a site, please give a shout. 

Those of you who use the platform might, on the other hand, be interested in this app. It is called simply “browser blocker” and you can download it from

Enjoy the blocking! 



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  1. Yep! There’s always a workaround!

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