Francis: Dumb Or Blackmailed?

Striking resemblance in more than one way: the great Stan Laurel.



The jury has been out a long time – but only because we are charitable, and he the Successor of Peter – to decide whether the Bishop of Rome is merely a minus habens or a positively evil one.

It is somewhat difficult to say, because the man is so unconcerned with contradicting himself in the most blatant way, so utterly indifferent whether he makes any sense at all or not, that a case of sheer stupidity cannot be excluded. What is certain, is that if a politician went around spreading the same nonsense day in and day out Francis regales us with, the world would laugh out loud, and he wouldn't be a politician for long.

Very recently, the Bishop of Rome gave us another stunning example of this astonishing behaviour: first he assured us that the Devil exists, and then he told us one of his most evil actions is to lead people to gossip.

As to the first part, yes we can read, and we know even the Gospel mentions the devil. Francis must think his audience have no idea at all of Christianity to make such platitudes the object of a homily. I mean, some not well meaning heretics may think that no one goes to hell, but no sane Christian would doubt the existence of the Devil.

Note, though, that in Francis' Catholic Disneyland there is no serious consequence attached to this existence of Satan: if God slaps us in the wrist at most – most days, I mean; on other days he sends you to hell if you are a mafioso; on no day common people are in danger of damnation – and following one's conscience is enough even if one is an atheist, Francis' Satan is nothing else than a bearded and horned nincompoop spinning around for no real or lasting purpose.

This cretinous thinking is shown by the other “teaching” of the Destroyer In Chief: Satan's great effort in order to lead us to… gossip.

Let us say it again: the same man living under the roof of a sodomite tells us the devil wants to make you gossip. How a man could be so senseless is difficult to even fathom, which is why on the balance one might well conclude Francis isn't really stupid, he just hopes we think so.

And by the way, why this obsession with gossip? Can it be entirely casual that we are confronted with a Bishop of Rome who, whilst the entire West sinks in a pit of sexual perversion and threatens Christianity in an increasingly more evident way even in the West, is concerned about… gossip?

Could it rather not be that this rather strange character has every reason to fear revelations concerning his own past, his own character, his own very sexual behaviour at some point or other? And that he tries to prevent this by warning us about thinking ill of… him? How can, otherwise, this fixation with gossip whilst Christianity drowns in a see of perversion and he himself lives near to sodomites be halfway rationally explained?

And if this is so – and it might well be so: this is a former bouncer, and they aren't known for being innocent violets; nor would he be the first prelate who is blackmailed because of his past – would it then not provide a logical, rational, understandable (but not justifiable) explanation of the astonishing silence of this man, worrying about gossip as the West sinks in a pit of sexual perversion and, soon, outright persecution of real Christians?

I am no fan of conspiracy theories, because conspiracy theories are, basically without exception, outlandish in their very object and obviously aimed at explaining some absurd theory behind them. But here it is different: what is outlandish, unreal, utterly absurd is a Pope concerned with gossip as Christianity is threatened all over the West, and to try to give a logical explanation to this absurd behaviour is, in fact, the rational and logical thing to do.

There is a perfectly logical – if morally untenable; but then Bergoglio was always morally untenable – explanation for a man apparently so astonishingly blind as this one: thatvthe gay mafia – in the Vatican or outside – has him in his hands. Then, it all makes sense: the necessity to keep the pervert near him, basically controlling through his staff everyone who gets in or out; the countless episodes of downplaying of both sodomitical behaviour and gay mafia, and the slowly absurd attempts at deflecting the attention from the issue of sexual perversion when the entire West doesn't talk of anything else.

Mind, this does not have to be so. The man would be Modernist enough in his outlook even if he were to notice the gravity of the sin of the sodomites, and would not surround himself with characters like Monsignor Ricca; and that he isn't a genius, but is very fond of popularity, should by now be clear even to a very dim intelligence.

It does not have to be so. But if you ask me it is plausible to think that it might be so; because it gives a logical, plausible, rational explanation to the absurd, outlandish, unreal, beyond stupid phenomenon of a Pope blabbering nonsense about gossip as the world is excoriated by the flame-throwers of the Gaystapo.



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  1. Benedict being blackmailed into resigning I might believe, but Francis being blackmailed?  No, he is already a card carrying member of the Maradiaga, Kasper, Marx wing of the Church who would in theory be the blackmailers, right?  That doesn’t make sense.  Also, who was blackmailing him into celebrating Pinocchio and tango masses in Argentina?  As for being a bouncer, they have to be strong but not smart.  He’s a tool, perhaps a willing one, but a tool nonetheless.  The man is a total idiot.  There are probably a million conspiracies going on right now in the Vatican, but this is not one.  I vote for “dumb”.

    • I don’t believe Ratzinger being blackmailed because I think his integrity would not allow him to do so. But I can well believe Bergoglio might have dirty laundry somewhere and no integrity.
      But no, certainly the blackmail would not concern the Pinocchio masses and all the other stupid things he does, merely his leaving the homomlobby alone and not speaking about sodomy.

  2. Well done, Mundy. I think you wrapped it up rather well. The logic and rational parts of us are screaming that this is more than a real possibility. The end of Randy Engel’s open letter to Pope Francis infers the same: When it all comes out…and evil can’t stand hiding itself for long…vanity and all that…I think it will be much worse than we could ever imagine. Lord help us all. God bless~

  3. He seems to find truth distressing; the “dictatorship of a narrow line of thought” (undermining Benedict); the warning against “excessive doctrinal security” (whatever that means); his advocacy of doubt (he’s certain that there’s something ‘off’ about certainty); deciding what’s good and evil by yourself (a clear contradiction of Catholic teaching), and so on and so forth

    It’s astounding that he’s had nothing to say in support of those brave defenders of marriage, ‘La Manif Pour Tous’. It’s even more astounding that he’s uttered not a single word of criticism of the legalisation of child euthanasia in Belgium.

    He has, however, somehow managed to summon up the ‘humility’ to criticise and insult Catholics on a regular basis.

    It’s all very strange.

  4. I don’t know which is worse: blackmailed or dumb. For his sake, dementia would be a less culpable explanation for his comments. For the sake of the faithful, neither option is very appealing. This Holy Week makes the need for our prayers so evident…for him and for ourselves.

  5. I think that Francis would consider blogs such as this to be “gossip,” hence the warning.

  6. The presence of Ricca after so many scandals is something really, really weird, I remember that before Bergoglio was elected and I lived in Geneva I had read about Ricca and his “affaire” with the swiss guard, and there were so many disgusting details about it, I was shocked when I heard that Ricca was one of the closest collaborators of the new Pope, my dear old Mother told me her hypothesis about this, but it was very very uncharitable.

  7. It seems that even the Protestants are critiquing Pope Francis for his efforts to create unity and inclusiveness while ignoring doctrine and moral differences in opinion on serious matters. Here is a protestant evaluation of the Protestant Charismatics , a recorded speech by Pope Francis and Episcopal
    Toney Palmer a friend of Francis and co-worker towards this type of unity of Religions:

    Other well known Protestant ministers have expressed fear re this effort to build a one world religion which is without a firm Biblical Christian base in morality and Doctrine.

    • The video and the discussion it caused are well-known to the readers of this blog, Maureen.
      I publish it in the uneducated hope it does not take band from my blog.


  8. Oy vey ist mir, Mundy!

    It might well be that Occam’s Razor suggests that our Hurdy Gurdy Man Francis & his Roly Poly Man Ricca, are just simpleton souls well over their heads & pay grades.

    Sadly, however, most of the other Chef Boyardee’s in the College of Cardinals are no different, & this general concern of blackmail of our princely prelates has been on many of our minds for some decades now.

    While possible, most Catholics would simply prefer not to entertain the concept of blackmail as it pertains to Francis. That much cognitive dissonance would make many modern minds and souls implode in utter chaos & confusion.

    “Vaya LiLo!”

    • Is that yiddish, bobz? Or a dialect?

      I’d have said “oh, weh ist mir”, but I am no mother tongue


    • Given Francis’ predeliction to assigning great importance to the likes of Rabbi Corky Skorka, I might suggest you partake of more Yiddish on your blog such that you may be recognized as a modern and inclusive sort of bloke. Eventually you might even be named Man ‘o the Year in The Daily Mail.

      But, your German is spot-on, as much Yiddish derives from the Germanic tongues to begin with.

      “Vaya LiLo!”

    • I will immediately look for a book on kosher food to start with.
      Apparently, Francis is also an expert…


  9. Here in Uruguay real catholics can’t believe that Ricca is there enjoying total impunity, his scandals here were so obscene, so disgusting and so public and blatant that one can only think of horrible possibilities to explain his being there, so close to the Pope, I know that in our neighbor Argentina many people are angry with Francisco because of his positions about crime and his friendly relationship with Cristina Kirchner who is a declared atheist and prohomosexual, both countries Argentina and Uruguay sink in the filth of homosexuality, in both countries same sex marriages are legal, one can change his id papers from male to female or vice versa whenever you want, even kids! we hear of trans kids here and in Argentina, gay sex tourists are invading uruguay and argentina, perverts from all over the world come to have parodies of marriage…. Bergoglio can’t ignore this, Ricca by his side is the confirmation, but as we say here in Uruguay: birds of same feather fly together.

  10. bobzdylan – “most of the other Chef Boyardee’s in the College of Cardinals are no different”

    Priceless comment…thanks!

    Diego Ortiz – thank you for providing us a little better glimpse of the social context from which Francis and Ricca come from.

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