Breaking News! Francis Speaks Like A Pope!


Laudetur Jesus Christus!

Semel in anno!

Incredibile dictu!

For the record: this is not an April's Joke.

Yours truly, who is rather cynical, doesn't think for a moment Francis has started to think or act in the right way himself. Rather, it might be that he has understood that every now and then he must speak as a Pope, lest he becomes the joke of thinking Catholics the world over. Thinking Catholics who are still an awful lot, run countless blogs, and begin to get their criticism into the mainstream.

No, for Holy Week we might get glimpses of a Pope, ahem, “obsessed with abortion”. He has even managed to speak about the complementarity of male and female, and I am sure the Pollyannas will exult because he does not endorse “gender theory” (you don't say?!).

Still, I hope this goes all over the planet. If it does, it will be interesting to see how the Naral-crowd react. If it doesn't, it will be interesting to see whether Francis continues until the message gets through, or thinks rather he has done enough for this year, and now he can keep talking about his favourite issue: gossip…

Don't get me wrong: this is good news! But we must avoid the Paul VI phenomenon, where a freakishly bad Pope gets away with almost everything because he done one thing right in fifteen years of Pontificate.

Still, it might be the begin of a new beginning. Or the end of the “red nose” beginning. Or a very partial recovery of basic sanity. Or the discovery he can't be the Pope of … those who don't believe in the Papacy. Or the realisation at least on abortion he will have to toe to the “party line” in order for him to be able to spread havoc in all the rest.

We shall see.

Happy Holy Week.



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  1. St Pius X warned of this in Pascendi, that this is exactly how Modernists act: one minute totally orthodox, the next creepy stalker like devil whispering in Christ’s ear in the desert….caveat emptor!

  2. Happy Holy Week to you too Mundabor 🙂

  3. I think someone thought it would be better to have him pronounce something catholic to appease the critics and quiet the rumours. So someone wrote a beautiful piece of Catholic ethic, and gave him to read. As it happened. And the faithful gullible ones can enter the Holy Week happy and satisfied. Until he will not repeat the same things aloud and publicly “urbi et orbi” on air on TV, during an Angelus, dsà for instance, I’ll keep on thinking it’s all a farce.

  4. I was impressed when I read the headline, then I saw that he made the remarks to an Italian Pro-Life group. Given his track-record, can’t help but suspect that this was merely Pope Francis doing his ‘They wanted to hear something, he was happy to oblige’ thing, and that If it was a group of politicians or journalists he was addressing, he wouldn’t have been as forthright.

    Very glad to hear it all the same.

    • Yes, that was that too. But the fact that the words are very explicit makes it more probable they will go around the world.
      On the other hand, this man is fully unconcerned with what he says anyway…


  5. Let’s just hope it wasn’t a translation error. That excuse cuts both ways. 😉

  6. Let’rejoice and pray for more of the same.

  7. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Francis to turn orthodox. He is still a Modernist.

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