Fagfox: Campaign Against Firefox Is Getting Traction

The unspeakable Gaystapo scandal at Firefox is only some weeks old, but the reaction is getting traction out there in the cyberspace. 

The story might be, for the moment, out of the big headlines, but there are always people who care for more than the headlines of the day.

They write, they blog, they make their voices heard. In time, they manage to have the shame stay attached to the target company. In time, it can really hurt.

The images you see below have been found in a matter of a couple of minutes after googling “boycott Firefox”. The reaction is clearly growing fast; not in the headlines of the mainstream media, but in the world of the common people.

Please pick one or more of your images and mail it to your friends; blog them if you run a blog; post them in discussion fora; make them go around. Let them become a more and more diffused presence on the net. In time, this will really hurt. 

This is a fast and effective way to let the word spread.

Boycott Fagfox.












boycott firefox



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  1. Check into chairwoman Mitchell Baker’s photos on wikipedia. (She refuses to use her female first name, Winifred.) Note the lesbian looking hairstyle. Married with a child, but that doesn’t prove she is straight.

    Very germane: google provides 90% of Mozilla’s income. google is rabidly pro-homosexual. google is perhaps turning FF into Chrome Jr. as the upcoming Australis version. Showing ads? It has the same look and feel as Chrome. google’s tentacles are corrupting all while subverting competition.

    Much more to say but your arbitrary limits prevent that. But kudos to you on helping to keep the anti-FF interest alive.

  2. Already done – as soon as the announcement was made – now trying to understand Chrome!

    • Chrome is Google, which is bad. I mean less bad, but bad.
      As you are learning, Opera might be good.
      I am told the “clones” like Waterfox are *not* Firefox, and you will find yourself instantly at home with those.

  3. Also check out Ms. Blakk, self-described on her twitter as “queer”, who is heading up the reverse-discrimination program at Mozilla called Ascend Project, where the #1 rule is “no straight whites allowed”.

    Mozilla proudly say that it’s core values include diversity & inclusion, equality and freedom of expression. All are violated in their actual actions. E.g., 5 gay employees publicly called for Eich to be excluded and silenced for Christian beliefs, but they suffered no punishment.

  4. Thanks,
    Isn’t it funny, I use “google” as a verb, as in “to search on the Internet”.
    I must watch my language and start saying “bing it” or “duck duck go it”.

  5. google outright gives money to Mozilla, $1 billion US over 3 years. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2398046,00.asp

    FF will indeed show actual ads: http://adage.com/article/iab-annual-meeting/mozilla-sell-ads-firefox/291641/ Mozilla is saying this is a service to the users, that is typical googlespeak

    that means that Mozilla will have browsing histories. Imagine a list of people being some day leaked who visited “hate” sites such as… Catholic sites.

    Ixquick (and its sister-site StartPage) as well as DuckDuckGo are privacy oriented. Bing and all others keep a record of search queries associated with the searchers IP address. That’s just for starters.

    • very interesting!

      I did not know Ixquick!

      What else do we need to know?

      is there a list of privacy-oriented search engines you can give us, possibly not run by perverts?


  6. Will we be seeing tracking of “hate groups”, such as Catholics?

    “A U.S. Army training instructor listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania” (April 2013)


    The Army says that was an isolated incident. But the instructor responsible (probably a radical homosexual) was not punished in any way, as far as I know.

    Will Silicon Valley cooperate with the government in anti-Christian witch hunts? It could be that the days of Nero will again be at hand. But not for those such as Episcopalians, of course.

  7. Those are the only three. Ixquick/Startpage are outside the U.S., which is a possible advantage for privacy.

    They also have the builtin proxy. Let’s say that I websearch for “Obama was a teen gay prostitute for some old white millionaire”. Then I click for an article on some site, from several years ago. I post a link to that article, which doesn’t have any other visitors these days. Some radical homosexual sees that I posted the link, so contacts the site’s webmaster, who is a twenty-something liberal sympathizer. Now my IP, location, ISP and possibly my identity are known.

    Users of VPNs aren’t at risk that way, but the general web surfers should be aware of the benefit of proxies. The downside is that the proxies don’t execute javascript. which is a small price to pay for the (free) proxying.

    • For the unknowing Catholic masses out there, I think it means unless I use a service that automatically hides my own real IP, I could be traced anytime I use a service that makes me traceable from my own Internet provider.

      Cover your steps now.

      It could save you from unemployment ten years down the line.



  8. Mozilla doesn’t make money from ads. Google pays a fee to Firefox to make Google the default search engine; however, this can be easily changed in the options. Ixquick is private, but so is DuckDuckGo, and the latter provides much better search results.

    Boycotting Mozilla doesn’t cause them to lose money, since their income isn’t tied to ads.

    Also, DON’T USE CHROME OR IE. Chrome sucks up all of your data for Google’s targeted ads, and IE, even with the recent improvements, is very insecure.

    Take a look at a Firefox fork such as Pale Moon. I’ve been using it the past few weeks and it works quite well. Firefox is the only browser that gives a damn about your online privacy, and Pale Moon continues that. Install the BetterPrivacy, Disconnect, and DoNotTrack extensions and delete cookies regularly. If you’re an advanced user, also install the NoScripts add-on and consider using a VPN. Don’t bother with Tor, a lot of the nodes are compromised by the NSA.

    Also, a quick note about the new Firefox UI, Australis; FF actually introduced the Chrome look before Chrome even existed, but axed it because of performance concerns. Google actually stole that UI from Firefox.

    • So, if no one would use Firefox anymore they would have no loss of income from Google? Or does Google pay them just because both companies are run by fags?


    • Hi, Brian. I did say that FF **will** sell ads. You’re saying that they don’t sell ads now. If you don’t believe adage.com, look at Mozilla’s official blog: “will be sponsored content from hand-picked partners”
      So, even more room for pressure by liberal bigots there.

      I see that you’ve corrected yourself about whether Mozilla would lose money from a successful boycott. But sadly, the masses don’t care about principle.

      PcMag says they have a **3** year contract, so does Mozilla itself: “for at least three additional years”. https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2011/12/20/mozilla-and-google-sign-new-agreement-for-default-search-in-firefox/

      Possible problem: Pale Moon uses the exact same user agent string as FF, except they tack on some text at the end. So Pale Moon may be counted in with FF. I did ask about that in my long critical thread on Mozilla’s discussion list. Strangely, no none answered about that.

      I suggest that you change the user agent string in Pale Moon to Opera or something else – using about:config to e.g. put in:
      general.useragent.override;Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.0) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.14

      Edward Snowden, the very same who exposed NSA and GCHQ, still recommends Tor. It does take the patience of a saint, though 🙂

      Mozilla claims they support privacy, yet their own site is hypocritically loaded with ways for google to track everything done there, via analytics and ajax library etc.
      Glad to hear that their new browser is doing poorly! Thanks for posting that. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • I am no saint.
      No Tor for me, then…! 😉


    • Hi bigfred39. Thanks for your comments.

      The Pale Moon developer has a post on his forum where he talks about the user agent string: http://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4163.

      He suggests that you can go into about:config and do the following:

      ” If you visit certain sites (Including Mozilla Firefox product pages and the likes), they may think you are using Mozilla Firefox. This is because I (on purpose) set the “Firefox Compatibility” flag in Pale Moon, which makes the browser indicate in its User Agent string that it is Firefox compatible.This compatibility flag can be disabled in about:config, by setting general.useragent.compatMode.firefox to false ”

      He does warn that in some cases changing this setting can hurt web page compatibility.

      As for getting counted with Firefox, I’m not sure. There are a couple of web pages that you can go to that will tell you what browser you are using. Some say Firefox, others say Pale Moon. I suppose it depends on how discriminating they are. Regardless, if you really care about privacy, Firefox or some variant thereof is really the only option. Opera runs well, and I use it for a few things, but since they just changed their engine layout to Blink they don’t have a lot of good privacy extensions yet. Pale Moon is probably the best option. Waterfox isn’t bad, but it’s only available in a 64 bit version and there are only 3 compatible plugins, which can be a problem :).

      I’m still not sure about Tor. I’ve dabbled with it before, but I’m not sure how much it actually helps anonymize you unless you’re using a read-only OS on removable media (e.g. Tails). On a computer with a non-compromised BIOS too (good luck with that!). We know that the NSA has numerous exploits embedded at BIOS level…they may not be collecting metadata that way, but if they want to own you, they will. It’s that simple. And it’s not going to get better any time soon.

  9. To clarify; Google’s contract with Mozilla is re-negotiated yearly, so I’m sure that if they lost significant market share they would get less money the next time that the contract is renewed. That contract makes up 90+% of their income, so hopefully more people stop using it. Regardless, I still un-installed Firefox and am using Opera and Pale Moon exclusively. Mozilla needs to be punished for it’s hate crime against Brendan Eich, and the only real way to do that is to stop using it.

    The good news is that the new Firefox redesign that was released today has people furious and dropping the browser left and right. Hopefully they get the message.

    • Oh, interesting, I will browse about it.

      The fact they are so dependent on Google also colours their faggotry in a particular way, as they might have been afraid of Google’s “reaction” if poofdom continued to complain.


  10. Speak of the devil, from just yesterday here is yet one more example of long-time idealistic “Mozillians” concerned about privacy being chumped off by hardcore corporate loyalists:

    …who state that they don’t have the resources (even with $1billion over 3 years) to worry about privacy. They also include the sophomoric (or deliberately deceptive) claim that google can be trusted to not do anything illegal. History shows that google commits crimes whenever it suits them – and they get away with it.

  11. Hey, Brian, I’d like to reply to you at length but first I’d like to get Mundabor’s assurance that he’ll continue passing through long comments on this particular page. It’s possible that this place even becomes ground zero for Christians who want to express themselves on the internet without getting fired or sued or arrested for daring to oppose the rising tide of censorship arising from the “Gay Agenda” and anti-Christian bigotry.

    You know,,, what I think would be beyond beautiful would be writing an FF addon that would let users easily change their user agent string 🙂 Mozilla would be faced with letting it be listed on their site or else admitting that they do not tolerate diverse opinions. (Or they’d just go on mincing words while violating their stated principles, which is what they have been doing lately – unlike the old days.)

    Such an addon should be fairly easy to write (just some javascript). The hard part would be letting people know about it so that the effort isn’t wasted.

    Thanks for pointing out Pale Moon’s forum. The dev seems very reasonable. I’ll be spending some time there.

    Note to Mundabor: whenever you visit a website, the browser sends some text (the User Agent String) which identifies itself to the web server. That’s how browser usage statistics are compiled. That string can be changed to say anything. So you can see the benefit for people who want to keep using FF but also want to help lower FF’s usage counts.

    • As long as it’s legal and safe ;), I will gladly host the comments on the blog. I might, one day, put it as a fixed page.


    • Hi bigfred39,

      I may look into it. I write C/C++. I’ve never done application programming (most of my coding has been hardware focused or statistical analysis) but I may look into it as a summer project. I very much admired Mozilla in the past, but it’s clear that they’ve been bitten by the PC bug.

      The Pale Moon dev said in another thread on his forum that although he is not against SSM (he is Dutch, after all…) he opposed Eich’s ouster. So at least you know you’re not supporting a Christophobe.

  12. Maybe it’s better to also start a whole new article with a title that tells what it is about: “Privacy and anonymity for Christians on the internet” or whatever.

    From simple things like using (free) Hushmail to inevitably the more complex.

    There’s still time to tell about it on ProtectThePope, where people have seen a firsthand glimpse of things to come.

    • I have a better idea, bigfred.

      How about you writing a small “guide to anonymity on the Internet” and post it here as a comment?

      I would start with something not too complicated, for uninitiated. The fundamentals. In time, further posts would be added, on the same “page”. In time, it will become a useful vademecum.

      I would, when time allows (within a couple of days) put it on the blog and as a fixed “page”. In time, it will be a useful guide to every Catholic of good will who does not want to end up like Deacon Nick, or worse.


  13. Haha, the answer of how to publicize the anti-Mozilla addon just came to me this minute, in an unrelated email of all things.

    We ask the Pro-Lifers to publicize it in their email campaigns and blogs! From what I’ve seen, they are absolutely the most motivated and have the most motivated followers.

    Truly, just out of the blue an email came in that made me think of this. Makes me wonder…

    P.S. The quick and easy solution might be to ask the Pale Moon developer to add a button that lets users switch their User Agent String at will. (Very few users will go into about:config to do it the hard way.)

    If users can switch back and forth at will, that semi-solves the need to choose between compatibility versus boycott. Ideally there also would be the capability to have any user-chosen string, such as including “Mozilla hates Christians” or whatever at the end.

    P.P.S. I have been using the manual method to change to Opera. This page explains it as good as any: http://www.howtogeek.com/113439/how-to-change-your-browsers-user-agent-without-installing-any-extensions/

    Yes, I do sometimes get alerts that my Opera is not good enough.

  14. Mundabor: write a short primer? Okay, good idea; and being short would mean that there is a chance to (hopefully) get some feedback, which would guide anything further. But starting on that will have to wait a bit until I put the finishing touches on the Pale Moon browser addon that’s part of the boycott-Firefox goal.

    (Probably also needs a stated rationale about why this is necessary: that Sweden incident with disqus, the ‘Philadelphia 5′ being arrested, etc),

    Brian: I’d always wanted to see what’s it like to write an addon, so I did that yesterday and I have a working version that just flips the compatMode flag to false – as simply as possible from the users’ perspective, which is the most essential feature.

    Would you be willing to do some quick testing and also maybe round up some volunteers that aren’t tech to see how easy it is (or isn’t) for them? Maybe also do security auditing that would assure users that it does what it says and only what it says?

    Then there’s the matter of talking out what it really should do and what other browsers to possibly cover. You know more about the world of various browsers than I do.

    Once I figure out where to host the addon xpi file for now, I’ll publish the website URL that I set up today.

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